Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nigerian Capital Market Has Grown by 38.8%, Says SEC Director

Capital market has grown by 38.8%, says Oteh

Nduka Chiejina
Nigerian Nation

Between January and November this year,the Nigerian capital market grew by 38.8 per cent growth, the Director-General, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Ms. Arunma Oteh, has said.

Ms. Oteh, who made this known while addressing market women during the capital market wealth and health day held at the Kuje Market in Abuja, yesterday, described Nigeria’s capital market as one of the best performing in the world.

She said SEC has laboured to strengthen the regulatory framework for funds management in the last few years, to encourage retail investors to invest through mutual funds or collective investment schemes.

She said to invest, parties must be healthy in order to make informed investment decision which was what informed “the wealth and health day.”

Oteh told the traders that if they are “not physically healthy, it doesn’t matter how much you have, you cannot do anything, that is why we said it is important that people manage their money properly, that they save and invest for their future, pension and health challenges.”

She said if you learn to save and invest, you will have a greater future. “If you save and invest, you will have a better life in the future and that is why we said we will go around and preach that message. If you learn to save and invest, you will help our country’s challenges; we will build our roads, we will build our airports and we will build our ports.”
She said SEC will continue to develop capacity in order to prevent fraudulent investors from entering the market.

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