Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Four Somalian Police Officers Injured in Landmine Explosion

Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)

Somalia: Four Police Officers Injured in Landmine Explosion

30 DECEMBER 2013

Four police officers were injured on Monday morning in Dagahaley when a landmine detonated underneath the vehicle they were travelling in.

Police spokesman Masoud Munyi said that the officers were in a convoy that was escorting humanitarian aid workers for an assignment when the incident occured.

A police aircraft has been dispatched to airlift two of the officers to Nairobi for specialised treatment. Police say the explosive extensively damaged the police vehicle.

Most parts of North Eastern Kenya have been prone to attacks where officers have lost their lives or sustained injuries when patrol cars run over the improvised explosive devices (IEDs). However in Dagahaley, the last incident of a similar nature was reported in May, 2012 where one officer was killed and three others injured.

The attacks, according to the police records, mainly target security forces.

IEDs have been a weapon of choice for Al-Shabaab militias in the region since the Kenya Defence Forces moved into Somalia to fight the terror group in October 2011.

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