Tuesday, December 31, 2013

US-Backed Somalian Forces Advance to Al-Shabab Areas

Government advances to al-Shabab controlled areas in Somalia

Dec 29, 2013 | By Somalicurrent

Somali government troops backed by Ethiopian forces have taken control of al-Shabab controlled areas in Bardale district of Somalia’s Bay region, officials said on Sunday.

Bardale commissioner Mohamed Isaq Arra-ase told local reporters that the government forces backed by Ethiopian troops have successfully conducted an operation to eliminate al-Shabab out of locations in the town.

“Somalia government troops have today conducted an operation and took control of Moro-waraabe, Walaq iyo Is-koris in Bardale district of Bay region,” Mohamed said.

“The operation is part of wider operations to eliminate al-Shabab out of the region (Bay), we will continue [the operation] until the militants are eradicated from the district.” He added.

No casualties have been reported.

Al-Shabab still controls Dinsor, Ufurow and parts of Bardale district in Bay region.

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