Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nigerian Insurgents: Snakes, Bees Drove Us From Sambisa Forest
Deep inside the Sambisa Forest in northeaster Nigeria.
Nigerian National Mirror
June 26, 2014

Some members of the Islamic militants, Boko Haram, arrested yesterday at Mairi Ward, behind the University of Maiduguri, by members of the vigilance group ‘Civilian JTF’, have confessed that most of them fled the Sambisa forest camp as a result of ‘spiritual attacks’ by mysterious snakes and bees, which have killed many of their colleagues.

According to one of them, Kolo Mustapha, snakes are now attacking them in the forest.

“Most of us are fleeing because there are too many snakes and bees now in the forest, and once they bite, they disappear, and the victims do not last 24 hours.

“We were told that the aggrieved people who had suffered casualties from our deadly missions, including the ghosts of some of those we killed, are the ones turning into snakes and bees attacking us in the forest,” he claimed.

According to him, some of their leaders too had escaped to Cameroon “because they are known to the Nigerian authorities and could easily be identified.”

He added that those who lived all their lives in Maiduguri had nowhere to run to, but to return and tried to sneak into town.

He said they came in last night and were trying to hide in some uncompleted buildings when some members of the ‘Civilian JTF’ saw them, after which they were identified and arrested.

“We are pleading with them to spare our lives; we were forced into the sect, but we know that, it is not the right way.

“I personally have never killed anyone, but I have my friend here who has killed many people,” he said.

Umar Abor, another arrested sect member, however, said that Mustapha was lying, as all of them had participated in all the heinous acts of the sect in the past.

“We have fought together since 2010; we have fought in Marte, Bama, Buni Yadima and Gwoza.

"We were not in Chibok, we have not seen the girls, but we heard about it."

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