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Mega Deals: An Opportunity for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe have gained tremendously through the land reform
September 24, 2014
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Zimbabwe Herald

The imperialist world is continuing with campaigns of military and economic aggression and propaganda against developing nations.

At this juncture, North Africa, Middle East, Syria, Ukraine and Iraq are in flames; which flames were caused by Europe and North America.

President Mugabe has told the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) that solidarity, unity of purpose have become more important than ever before as NAM seeks beneficial economic policies.

With economies of Third World countries under attack, with the majority of African and Asian peoples still in want, with nuclear armaments piling up, and with mounting imperialist aggression recklessly escalating conflicts which may lead to a nuclear world war, President Mugabe asked: Who stands to gain by dissensions amongst ourselves? Who can withstand us if we can make our solidarity a reality? It must be noted here that where control of the state is not vested in the people, imperialism takes over, with the same effect for the people as in the days of colonial rule.

In its fight against Western economic dominations, Zimbabwe signed mega economic deals with China and Russia.

What is of great economic importance is that Zimbabwe has finally seen the need to move hand in glove with the emerging economic powerhouses of the world which helped it to free itself from colonial bondage. Since Independence, the West continued to milk our economy without adding meaningful beneficiation, especially in the extractive mining industry.

The West uses sanctions in the greater part of its world economic hegemony. It is not true for US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Bruce Wharton, to say: “The partnership between Zimbabwe and the US was genuine.”

He further claims that the Chinese deals in Africa are opaque as they violate internationally accepted labour practices.

No one should be fooled by the American ambassador’s dinosaurian assertion as history has shown that America started illegally imposing sanctions on Ghana way back in 1966.

History also tells us that the murderous USA financed most of the coups in developing countries allowing it to mercilessly plunder developing nations’ natural resources.

However, China and Russia helped colonised small nations to liberate themselves from the evil and demonic Western economic suppression.

Wharton’s claims smell of a high degree of dishonesty and don’t show empathy with oppressed people of the world.

The use of economic sanctions by the demonic and inhuman Western political leadership, particularly American and British leaders past and present, are worse than disease pandemics.

The imposition of illegal sanctions, that are not approved by the UN, is a clear testimony of how undemocratic, inhuman, tyrannical and autocratic the West is as it deliberately violates international law and international governance statutes.

Zimbabwe, having realised the West’s devilish approach towards hegemonic dominance of small nations over natural resources, is now on the road to progress and there should be no time for complacency or easy optimism.

The Look East policy which was long overdue has started to bear fruits. As a nation we must be thankful and feel grateful to those friendly nations such as China and Russia who are helping Zimbabwe along this new economic road that seeks to grow and develop our economy.

It must be made clear here that if we are to achieve our national goals and aspirations, it will be through our own united and sustained efforts towards progress, economic freedom and prosperity.

As a small young nation, there is nothing we cannot achieve if we remain united, vigilant and true to our cause.

Many of the liberation freedom fighters are beginning to view the Zim-China-Russia relationships, which had predominately been in the areas of politics and dating back to the times of the liberation struggle, as an economic strategy that will see growth in Zimbabwe’s economy.

It must be noted here that the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation must learn from its previous activities in the diamond joint ventures which continued to be questioned by some quarters on how they benefited the country.

Economic emancipation can only be a reality if every Zimbabweans embrace these mega deals in a positive manner.

Panganai Kahuni is a political socio-economic commentator.

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