Monday, September 29, 2014

Somaliland President: We Will Never Re-unite With the Rest of Somalia
Somaliland President Mohamed Mohamud Silaanyo.
September 29, 2014

RBC Radio: The break away Somali state of Somaliland president Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silaanyo has assured Somali president Hassan Shiekh Mohamud , that his administration will only work towards gaining independence and International recognition and will never re-unite with the rest of Somalia.

Silaanyo speaking at a graduation ceremony held for students graduating from Hargaisa University said that Somaliland is independent country and Somalia president Mohamud  is in a deep dream as far as Somali unity is concerned.

He stated that the people of Somaliland are reaping their independence from the rest of Somalia and they will only work towards getting recognition from the world.

Amid addressing graduates of Hargaisa University, Silanyo indicated that Somalia unity has failed and Somaliland will never again re-unite with the rest of Somalia.

Silanyo added that, the people of Somaliland will fight anyone who tries to intervene their territory.

He finally highlighted that Somalia president Hassan Shiekh Mohamud is not willing to continue talks with Somalialnd, and called him on talks which he said will be discussed on Somaliland’s Independence.

This came after Somalia president Hassan Shiekh Mohamud addressed the international community in the United Nations General Assembly in New York and assured them Somalia will be United in 2016.

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