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Young South Africans Met to Plan Fight Against Xenophobia - #AfricaUNite
19 April 2015

Young South Africans met to plan fight against xenophobia- #AfricaUNite

Youth structures of the ANC Alliance, including ANC Youth League, Young Communist League, SASCO, COSAS, together with the BDS South Africa, ZAPU Youth Front and other youth formations from the African Diaspora and international communities met earlier today at COSATU House, to plan its fight against Xenophobia under the theme “#AfricaUNite".

The meeting was supported by the ANC, SACP, COSATU and SANCO.

The meeting was inspired by a conviction to fight against the inhuman acts experienced in the recent days against our African brothers and sisters, as well as nationals from the countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and other nations.

The following actions, events and programmes will take place from tomorrow, 20th April 2015 (Monday):

Monday, 20th April 2015
Briefing at COSATU of all stakeholders including representatives from the African Diaspora and all affected international people and communities.

Tuesday, 21st April 2015
A symbolic human chain and candle lighting in Johannesburg CBD, Hillbrow, Yeoville and other areas.

Wednesday, 22rd April 2015
Visiting affected areas and communities with artists, sports people and political leaders in and around Gauteng.

Thursday, 23th April 2015
Linking with workers at the upcoming public sector protest march in Tshwane/Pretoria.

Friday, 24th April 2015
Main protest march against Xenophobia and celebrating our internationalist spirit. Route of march will cover the almost entirety of Johannesburg CBD as well as communities of Hillbrow, Yeoville, Berea etc.

The protest march symbolicly starts at Nelson Mandela Bridge proceeding via the Head Office of workers and the working class, COSATU HOUSE, passing Constitutional Hill, then proceeding to the communities of Hillbrow and ending in Yeoville (where there will be addresses by various political leaders, government representatives and ending off with a #AfricaUnite Music concert).

Friday Night
#AfricaUnite music concert and celebration in Yeoville with various international and local artists.

We make a call to all youth structures, unions, civil society organizations and other groups to join us under this #AfricaUnite banner and upcoming programmes.

We as young people will also be planning events and long term programmes to address Xenophobia.

We will not let these events be reduced to talk-shops.

We have many socio economic issues and violence is a serious problem.

However, our Government has made progress, we must not deny, on addressing poverty and inequality.

Though we have more to do.

South Africa is a home, we insist, to all and for all.

Lets join our government on speeding up on addressing, both, issues facing immigrant communities in SA as well as local socio-economic problems.

Media to contact:
ANC Youth League
Kgomotso Ramolobeng 079 435 9854

Young Communist League
Alex Mdakane +27 78 526 8663

Congress of South African Students
Sandra Baloyi 079 149 0157

South African Students Congress

Supported by:
BDS South Africa
ZAPU Youth Front

For further information contact:
Norman Mampane
COSATU Acting National Spokesperson

Declaration on the xenophobic attacks against Migrants in South Africa

20 April 2015

We, the 30 participants from ILO, ITUC, COSATU, FEDUSA, NACTU, SADSAWU, WIEGO, StreetNet International, SAITA, SAWPA, SASEWA, MWASA, ADWN and NALEDI gathered on the 15-17th of April 2015 at the Birchwood Conference Centre, Johannesburg and to participate in the ILO Policy Dialogue workshop on the “Formalisation of Informal Economy” in preparation for the adoption of a Recommendation at the next ILO conference in June 2015 , strongly condemn the ongoing xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa in the recent months.

We participants are very concerned that such attacks occur in the shadow of the recent adoption in 2014, of the SADC Labour Migration Policy framework by South Africa aimed at “promoting the rights of migrant workers and their families/ promotion of Basic human rights; right to life; opinion and expression; liberty and security; freedom from torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment; children’s rights.”

Noting that these are well-coordinated xenophobic attacks targeted at those from African countries and sparked off by irresponsible statements from some of those in authority;

Believe that:
There is a strong need to respect and preserve life irrespective of nationality
Natural migration exists all over the world and is a permanent feature on the continent
South Africa is part of a global village hence it has to be tolerant towards the movement of labour and capital,

Demand that the government:

takes necessary measures to ensure the safety and protection of all migrants in South Africa in respect of the provisions in the Constitution,
respect and implement the provisions of international instruments related to all migrant workers and members of their families,
ratifies and implements the spirit and principles of the SADC Protocol on Free Movement of People
improves the immigration permit regime in order to facilitate legalization of all migrants,
acts decisively on this matter and ensure prevention of such attacks in future.
We participants appeal to political parties, trade unions and civil society organisations to:
Actively discourage their members from participating in such barbaric attacks,
Educate all members on the values of peace, integration and solidarity,
Encourage members to participate in re-integrative initiatives being carried out by civil society organisations, religious groups and others in communities.

For more information contact:
Cde Theo Steele
COSATU Organizing Secretary
Cell: 0825636955
Email: Theo@cosatu.org.za

COSATU convenes civil society formations meeting to practically respond to xenophobic attacks

20 April 2015

The Congress of South African Trade Unions will convene a meeting of civil society organizations and with other fraternal organization in the Diaspora, to have a working Plan of Action [PoA] in responding to xenophobic attacks spreading in some areas in Gauteng.

COSATU and the Alliance Partners, the African National Congress [ANC] the South African Communists Party [SACP] and the South African National Civic Organizations [SANCO] have met on Friday, the 17th April 2015, and condemned these attacks.

The Alliance this week eloquently said ‘The attacks are a complete opposite of the values of the African people, solidarity, peaceful co-existence and co-operation, friendship, international peace and solidarity. The attacks are more degrading to the perpetrators, who appear to be uncaring and inhuman. They undermine the standing of our nation, our programme for African unity, world peace and justice’.

The Alliance Partners have urged all structures to meet with members on the ground.

And COSATU has scheduled such a meeting as follows;

Date: 20th April 2015
Venue: COSATU House, 110 Jorissen Street
Time: 10h00

We meeting with deal with a practical Plan of Action [PoA] to respond adequately with the xenophobic attacks.

Our struggle against colonial oppression and apartheid was the struggle against historical injustices.

This is the struggle of the unity of the African people – the historic mission and DNA of the African National Congress.

We therefore plead with you to be part of this campaign against Xenophobia.

We urgently call upon all revolutionary organisations and progressive persons and movement to join us in a meeting to deal and compliment other South African community based organisations in putting an end to this scourge of xenophobia in our country.

For more information contact:

George Mahlangu (Campaigns Co-ordinator)
Congress of South African Trade Unions
110 Jorissen Cnr Simmonds Streets

P.O.Box 1019
South Africa

Tel: +27 11 339-4911 Direct (010) 219-1321
Fax: +27 11 339-5080
E-Mail: george@cosatu.org.za

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