Friday, May 22, 2015

Mumia Speaks: We Listen, Act & Work to Keep Him Alive and Recovering
Mumia Abu-Jamal called on Wednesday night from the day room just outside the prison Infirmary and Prison Radio was there.  Of course it was topical, brilliant and searing: listen here "Waco".  You make it possible for his voice to continue soaring over the prison walls. He was returned to SCI Mahanoy late on Tuesday night from the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville PA.  Yesterday, he was visited by his wife at the prison.

The last week has been rough.  We knew he was chained to the bed, in the hospital. We had not seen or spoken to Mumia for many days. The PA Department of Corrections had kept Mumia completely isolated and prevented his family, his doctor, & and his attorney from having any contact with him during his entire stay in the hospital for over a week.  

On Monday May 18th Bret Grote of the Abolitionist Law Center and co counsel Robert Boyle filed a Federal Lawsuit  challenging the DOC's complete disregard for Mumia Abu-Jamal's constitutional rights.  You have made that happen, 824 of you have helped us fund this suit and we have sent 20K to the Abolitionist Law Center.

Just to show you the extent that the Department of Corrections went to prevent anyone from seeing Mumia, let me share this with you.  On Saturday, May 16th Dr. Mark Lewis Taylor, attempted to visit Mumia in the hospital, as a spiritual advisor, (He teaches at Princeton Theological Seminary and is co founder of Educators for Mumia). He was not able to confirm Mumia’s presence at Geisinger.  He was stopped from even praying for longer than 10mins in the lobby. Moreover, a chaplain friend called Geisinger to request Mumia receive a visit from the hospital chaplain only to be told “That there was something unique about this case and security would not allow it.” Once again, the Mumia exception.

On Monday the 18th, After your calls, letters, and faxes, and French international delegation visits to the hospital, Mumia’s wife is finally permitted a fifteen minute phone call with her still hospitalized husband. Mumia’s voice sounded strong, and he indicated he was undergoing a series of diagnostic tests. Mumia remained shackled to the bed at the arms, and his legs were in restrains through his hospital stay. Legs that are sore, bloody, and swollen.

Our one hope, that we have to confirm, is that because Geisinger is a large hospital with rotations of specialist, that the week at the hospital included significant diagnostic testing.  Remember, during his initial hospital stay at the Schukill Med Center in Pottsville, he did not receive specialist care or diagnostic tests such as the catscan or biopsy. Those were done after he was discharged. This is the first time Mumia has had extensive and hopefully correct diagnostic treatment.  Now we have to get those records and monitor whether they did the right tests.  Can I say this again?  Your calls, your faxes, your witness is the reason they did the tests. Your commitment to his health and his freedom is the reason he will come home well.

On Thursday the 21st Wadiya Jamal visited Mumia at the prison.  He laughed and was warm, but he came out to the visit in a wheelchair. He is still recovering from his near death incident. He still has no diagnosis and no treatment plan. Once we have the medical records (records the prison is being slow to provide) we can have our experts develop a diagnosis and treatment plan.  You, dear reader, are going to play a very large roll in whether Mumia gets the care he needs.  Together, with your help, your donations are funding this work. Your calls and actions are the only reason he has had any contact with his family.  Please keep your drumbeat of support going.  He is reaching out to us with his voice, and we need to keep reaching back in to him.  Consider writing Mumia a card- Mumia Abu-Jamal AM 8335 SCI Mahanoy 301 Morea Rd. Frackville, PA 17932.  

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