Wednesday, June 24, 2015

17 Months Unpaid Salaries: AIT Workers Shut Down Benin Station in Nigeria
By Osemwengie Ben Ogbemudia, Benin
The Nation, Nigeria

Workers of DAAR Communications Limited, owners of African Independent Television (AIT) and
Ray Power FM station in Benin, the Edo State capital, yesterday shut down the stations over non-payment of salaries ranging from 11 to 17 months.

The workers took over the entrance to the premises of the broadcast outfit on Iqueniro Road, Benin bypass.

They shut down the station’s broadcast, alleging high-handedness by the management.

The aggrieved workers said they were living in penury while some management officials were in opulence.

The placard-carrying protesters said they were miffed that their employers were sacking workers in the face of its failure to pay salaries.

They said a manager allegedly told the Abuja headquarters that working with contract workers would be more convenient than having permanent workers.

Efforts to reach the Benin Station Manager and Head of AIT, Oyeghe Oyarekhua, and Head of Ray Power, Osadolor Igiozee, were unsuccessful.

The station’s Head of Marketing, Baimoh Emozozo, could also not be reached.

Reporters were told that enquiries should be directed to the Abuja headquarters of the organisation.

A worker said: “Everything here is about salaries and these are issues handled by the headquarters.

 “So we  will advise that enquiries be directed to Abuja but I can assure you that management is working to ensure all is well.”

The stations are off air.

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