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SACP Western Cape Welcome the Cuban Five
22 June 2015

It is with a profound sense of admiration that the South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Western Cape has the honour welcoming of the Cuban Five to South African soil. The SACP in the province urges all members of the ANC-led alliance and the broader progressive movement to give the Cuban Five the hero`s welcome they deserve.

The Cuban Five were unjustly incarcerated for 16 years by the United States of America. Through this trying time, the SACP demonstrated and actively participated in a global campaign of solidarity for their release. The SACP`s solidarity with the Cuban Five is based on a principal of internationalism, the struggle for social emancipation must be always understood in its global context.

Attempts by enemies of the Cuban revolution and ideological opponents of Socialism have exhausted themselves in trying to justify the US government`s political manipulation of its judiciary. It is these same elements that have attempted to rewrite history, there must however be no misinterpretation in understanding the significance of Battle of Cuito Carnivale, as a turning point in the struggle and eventual demise of Apartheid. The Party also recognises the valiant and selfless sacrifice of Cuban soldiers in the liberation struggles in Southern Africa against racist minority regimes buttressed by western imperialism.

Whilst the release of the Cuban Five has been celebrated across the progressive axis, aggressive US foreign policy maintains an unjust economic blockade of Cuba as well as operating a torture facility on Cuban soil (Guantanamo Bay). As the Party we note the change in the Obama administrations` tone regarding its relations with the Cuban government led by Comrade President Raul Castro, we are however firm in our ongoing commitment to ensure that through our internationalist campaigns the blockade is ended and Guantanamo Bay is returned to the people of Cuba. Further, the SACP in the Western Cape will also persist in its campaign directed to the US Consulate in Cape Town to rescind the Executive Order against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The SACP in the Western Cape welcomes the five heroes of the Cuban Revolution to our province, despite the fact that we are governed by an anti-majoritarian neo-liberal administration, an administration that prevents working class youth from studying medicine in Cuba, the Vanguard Party of the workers and the poor will ensure that the Cuban Five are treated with the honour they deserve.

We urge all the Communists to attend and participate in the following events:

Monday 22 June 2015, @ 16h00 Cape Town international Airport arrival
Monday 22 June 2015 @ 18h00 Symposium at UWC
Wednesday 24 June @ 17h00 Mini- Rally at Intsebenziswano High School, Phillipi.

Masonwabe Sokoyi

SACP Western Cape Provincial Spokesperson
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