Monday, November 23, 2015

Swapo Supporters Scramble for HH in Ohangwena
November 23rd, 2015
by New Era Staff Reporter

Swapo supporters scramble for HH in Ohangwena

Swapo supporters in Ohangwena fell over each other’s feet as they tried to get a glimpse of Hidipo Hamutenya, the former Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) leader, who recently rejoined the ruling party.

“Do not be surprised to see me among you today. Yes I have returned, returned to my political home and to my comrades and friends.”

Those were the words of Hidipo Hamutenya while addressing a packed Swapo rally in Ohangwena Region, the stronghold of his former party RDP.

Hamutenya made his first public appearance since his return to the ruling party almost three months ago, when he addressed a Swapo rally on Saturday at Helao Nafidi.

The Helao Nafidi Trade Expo grounds were packed with Swapo supporters and curious onlookers who came to confirm Hamutenya’s return to Swapo.

As soon as he, his wife and son Lineekela disembarked from their vehicle, dozens of people ran toward him, ululating in excitement, while some tried to take pictures with him, making it difficult for journalists to get decent pictures of his arrival.

“Today you are showing the same solidarity and same social justice… That is why I have decided to come back and work for Swapo and if possible, to die in Swapo,” said the former and founding president of RDP.

Although Theo-Ben Gurirab, who was absent from the event, was initially scheduled to be the main speaker of the day, Hamutenya’s return stole the show as it was obvious that spectators were more interested to hear from him than any other leaders present.

He urged all Namibians to give their full support to President Hage Geingob’s government by voting for the ruling party and ensuring that Swapo receives a landslide victory.

“We must ensure the total unity of our people and jealously guard our peace and stability so that government can get on with achieving our development goals. This can only happen through the Swapo government at all levels! I therefore urge you comrades to go and vote in your thousands on the 27th of November to make sure that all our candidates are elected,” said Hamutenya.

At the event a number of people including some prominent businesspeople from Ohangwena Region and senior government officials were also welcomed back to Swapo.

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