Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tunisia to Enforce State Control Over All Mosques
Thursday, 24 March 2016 11:18

Spokesperson for the Tunisian government Khalid Shawkat said on Wednesday that all mosques in the country will be controlled through law enforcement. Shawkat said in a statement following a ministerial meeting that Prime Minister Habib Essid is keen to enforce law and re-establish state authority over all mosques across the country.

“In case of failure to respond, the state will not hesitate to use all legal means available and guaranteed by the constitution and laws,” he added.

The Tunisian Ministry of Religious Affairs is responsible for supervising religious guidance and selects the imams for mosques.

An official at the General Union for Religious Affairs Abdul Salam Atawi raised concerns over the many imams and preachers working without a formal mandate from the authorities during a press conference on Tuesday, which he believes is over 50 percent in many provinces.

According to the Tunisian Ministry of Religious Affairs, some 50 to 60 mosques operate outside its control.

Tunisia has been heavily criticized for the absence of state control over the country’s mosques.

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