Saturday, July 30, 2016

ANC Urges Employers to Make Arrangements to Enable Workers to Vote on August 3rd Election
27 July 2016

The African National Congress (ANC) views voting as an act of active patriotism where the people of South Africa exercise their hard won right to choose a government of their choice. This inalienable right should at all times be protected and upheld.It is for this reason that the 3rd August 2016 has been declared a public holiday to enable all eligible South Africans to cast their votes.

While we note that some businesses will continue to regard this day as a trading day, the ANC appeals to employers to consider the needs of workers who are registered to vote in their respective voting districts, which may be a distance from their place of work. We call on these employers to plan in advance to enable workers to visit polling stations and cast their ballots. In considering their options, employers are urged to also consider the real challenges of availability of public transport on a public holiday, as well as the voting hours - which are from 07:00 to 19:00. A failure to do this, in reality, amounts to disenfranchisement from active citizenry and undermines our collective commitment to credible, free, fair and peaceful elections.

The ANC once again encourages all South Africans to come out in their numbers to cast their votes on the 3rd August 2016. We must continue to give effect to our demand encapsulated in the Freedom Charter that "The People Shall Govern". We have achieved much together and our challenges can be overcome by standing together. The ability to further improve the lives of all our people lies in your hands.

Issued by:
Zizi Kodwa
National Spokesperson
African National Congress

Khusela Sangoni 072 854 5707

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