Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Syrian Army Establishes Control Over Areas in Hama, Eliminates Terrorist Groups in Other Areas
Provinces, SANA-Army units carried out wide military operations on Tuesday, establishing control over new areas in Hama, and eliminating terrorist groups in other areas around the country.


The army destroyed 6 vehicles, equipped with heavy machine guns for ISIS and killed all terrorists onboard in strikes carried out by the army’s air force and artillery in Deir Hafer area to the east of the air force academy in Aleppo eastern countryside.

Earlier, Units of the army foiled an attack by terrorist organizations on military points in the air force battalion to the south of military academies in Aleppo.

The army destroyed two tanks, two armored vehicles and three vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns of the terrorists.


Army units carried out a series of military operations against terrorists’ dens and gatherings to the west of Maan town in the northern countryside of Hama, establishing control over a number of points including al-Madajen and al-Burj areas and the point of Dhahret al-Fates and Talet Kherbet Kahila.

A military source clarified that many of “Jund al-Aqsa” terrorists were killed and a big amounts of weapons and explosives including a cannon, three mortar launches and a big number of shells were confiscated in the operations.

The source pointed out that the engineering units dismantled tens of mines and explosives planted by terrorists before they fled away in the areas restored by the army.

Later, the army’s air force killed a number of terrorists and destroyed rocket launch-pads and cannon launchers in addition to several vehicles equipped with machine guns in Hama northern countryside.


An army unit killed or injured members of a terrorist group and destroyed their fortifications to the north of al-Bitar farm towards Tafas town in the Northern countryside of Daraa Province.

Another army unit targeted movements of a terrorist group to the west of Municipality Square of al-Naziheen Camp neighborhood and another one to the east of al-Masri roundabout in Daraa al-Balad area, killing number of terrorists and injuring others.


In Sweida, an army unit targeted with concentrated blows the infiltration axis of an ISIS terrorist group towards al-Lajat area in the countryside of Sweida, killing all the members of the group and destroying their weapons and ammunition.

Damascus Countryside

Army units, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, thwarted an attack carried out by terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra on military posts in the area surrounding al-Diwan neighborhood on the southwestern outskirts of al-Deirkhabiyeh town from the direction of Khan al-Sheeh town in the southwestern countryside of Damascus, according to SANA reporter.

The reporter confirmed that the attackers suffered heavy losses, as 3 tanks, a BMP vehicle, 3 pickup cars equipped with 23 mm machine guns and a vehicle packed with large amounts of explosives belonging to them were destroyed.

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