Saturday, December 31, 2016

Effects of Tension Between Washington, Moscow on SADC
December 31, 2016
Udo W. Froese Correspondent
Zimbabwe Herald

US President Barak Obama made it clear that his administration, in its final three weeks before it hands over to Donald Trump, has increased its sanctions on President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation.Reason given for Obama’s attack on Putin is the repeated, but unproven accusation of Hilary Clinton and her Democratic Party’s loss in the presidential elections from a few weeks ago.

Together, they accuse Vladimir Putin of having supported president-elect Donald Trump and hacked into the voting system and e-mails of former hopeful-president-elect Hilary Clinton.

In other words and according to the White House, Putin and Russia’s secret services are America’s kingmakers.

“How flattering”, were the words of Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, in a CNN interview with Christiane Amampour.

Moscow’s Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov announced: “In our point of view recent actions of the White House are manifestation of an unpredictable, even aggressive foreign policy.”

The global US CNN television news network made the announcement that the Kremlin reacted by closing the American school in Moscow, which teaches children of US diplomats in Russia.

In the current war of words between Washington and Moscow, Russia’s global RT television news network rebuked CNN’s “news statement” that the above-mentioned school was shut down.

RT news commentators pointed out, that the school remains open. Close observers vented their anger, saying, “CNN has been proven to be a deliberate and intentional peddler of lies.”

“To date, neither the White House, nor the Pentagon, nor the CIA, nor the NSA, nor any of the US, nor its allied secret intelligence services and the supportive corporate media cartels were able to deliver any concrete proof of Moscow’s interference in the American elections. But, Clinton’s loss remains to be blamed on Putin.”

The National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Centre of the United States (NCCIC-US) serves as a central location, where a diverse set of partners involved in Cybersecurity and communications protection coordinate and synchronise their efforts. It is a group of public and private sector interests. According to this organisation’s report, “The White House’s accusation against Moscow, of having hacked into the US’s electoral systems is pure propaganda. They are well aware of it.”

In fact, a number of years ago, the then Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, admitted, “we are living in an Information War.”

US President Obama further added more sanctions to the already existing sanctions-package against the Russian Federation, pointing at alleged “cyber aggressions”. This was described as “Rich from a nation, which ahs spied on 193 countries throughout the world. However, no one dared to call for sanctions against bullying Washington.”

Both sides have threatened to and have partially executed the expelling of diplomatic staff in both, Moscow and Washington.

What pushes Obama and his backers to throw their toys of the cot? Where lies the reason behind all that?

Observers highlight, “The current administration tries to force the president elect Donald Trump to make a U-turn on his legacy and to make his entrance into the White House as difficult as possible. It would in fact, make it much harder for Trump to reconcile with Putin and to build a working relationship.

Obama absurdly causes as much damage as possible in his last three weeks in the White House. A White House insider cautioned, saying, “It seems that Obama and his backers, including the Clinton-camp need some serious guidance in their crazy talk and unreasonable gobbledygook. So far, no facts in the long line of allegations and accusations.”

The international West’s corporate media cartels efforts to justify Washington’s increasing attacks on Moscow, merely heats the hardening of fronts between the two superpowers up. For example, the British magazine, ‘The Economist’, emotionally commented in its October edition, “How to contain Vladimir Putin’s deadly, dysfunctional empire”.

Most, if not all corporate Western media cartels showered the President Putin and the Russian Federation with misinformation. In the words of one of the editors, who by now has retired, “This is absolutely crazy and recklessly irresponsible.”

He raises reports, according to which “Much weaponry has been found in Aleppo, Syria, that originates from the US, worth USD-billions. Rebels also left behind huge tonnages of sophisticated weaponry from the US, Germany and Bulgaria, viewed as NATO complicity par excellence.”

All of the above rings familiar. It has been since 1998 that Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe and his ruling ZANU-PF have been bullied into bankruptcy by illegal Western sanctions. In addition, President Robert Mugabe, like his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, as well as Brazil’s former President Dilma Rousseff and also South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma, all have been undermined and character assassinated and their economies have been spiralled into collapse.

National destabilisation programmes cause immense strives and fear. At the same time, both state and national voters are being misled and hammered for it.

BRICS, a new alternative economic structure, which followed President Mugabe’s call to form new alliance partners with the East, has been US President Obama and the West’s target to destroy, in order to protect the paper-US-Dollar.

Udo W. Froese is a non-institutionalised, independent political — and socio-economic analyst and published columnist, based in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa.

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