Sunday, March 26, 2017

Human Rights Situation in Western Countries and South Korea Disclosed 
The DPRK delegate disclosed the human rights situation in the US and other Western countries and south Korea at the 34th Session of the UN Human Rights Council on March 15.

The delegate said:
Humankind has long desired to lead a happy life while enjoying genuine human rights in a peaceful world free from aggression and war. However, this desire is faced with serious challenges.
Right at this moment, many and various forms of gross human rights violations are being committed in different countries and regions of the world.

The US is the worst-ever tundra of human rights in the world and the ringleader and the mastermind of human rights violations as well.

Cases in point are the extreme xenophobia and racial discrimination, gun-related crimes that claim many lives, an army of the homeless, the unemployed and street people and parental abuse that takes the life of children, and the record high number of prisoners, which makes up a quarter of the world.

These are no more than a tip of deplorable human rights violations in the US.

The US-led human rights violations abroad are in particular appalling the whole world. Wherever the US sets its bloody foot in, there follow endless streams of blood of humankind. Counted among them are the establishment of scores of overseas secret prisons, their brutal torture atrocities and massive civilian casualties and 65.3 million refugees resulting from the aggression against sovereign states committed by the US under the pretext of "war on terrorism".

The international community and the UN Human Rights Council should no longer tolerate such human rights violations of the US but work collectively to pressurize it into being accountable for its wrongdoings without delay.

Next comes the EU, a group of human rights abusers, which is little better than the US.

Recent years have witnessed within the member states of the EU such unprecedented, uncontrollable state-sponsored human rights violations as Islamophobia, xenophobia and minority abuse, revival of neo-Nazism, and the massive deportation, forced repatriation and forfeiture of property of tens of thousands of refugees.

It is in the EU countries that even basic human rights are not guaranteed. Thousands of refugees fell victims to human trafficking, sexual abuse and forced labor and many people are still living under the poverty line.

The EU would be well advised to get rid of its bad habit of backbiting others and fix its own deplorable human rights situation first.

Japan is a classic human rights violator and criminal state that evades the admission of its past heinous crimes against humanity, let alone making apology and compensation.

The invasion into Korea and many other Asian countries, the massacre of civilians in those countries and the forced sexual slavery of 200 000 Korean women for the imperial Japanese army are only part of the crimes against humanity committed by Japan in the last century. No statute of limitations is applicable to such crimes.

Japan claims that it has agreed with south Korea to settle the issue of sexual slavery with its deceptive apology and a trifle sum of money. This is a mockery of the international community and a contemporary form of deception. Japan should unconditionally admit its heinous crimes against humanity and make an apology and compensation for them without delay before it is too late.
South Korea is by far the worst tundra of human rights in the world.

It is a well-known fact that the notorious "security law" of south Korea is the one and only fascist law in the world that legalizes human rights violations.

It will take ages to enumerate the human rights violations in south Korea, including the forced disbandment of progressive opposition party, the brutal crackdown on pro-reunification forces, the ferry Sewol disaster that drowned 300 children and the connivance at such cruel atrocities committed by the US troops present in south Korea as sexual abuse and murder.

In April last year, in particular, the south Korean regime commanded gangsters of its Intelligence Service to abduct more than 10 women citizens of the DPRK in Ningbo of China and is still refusing to provide any information on their existence. This is the first-ever group abduction and heinous crime against humanity in the 21st century.

The fact that Park Geun Hye completely severed the inter-Korean relations and openly agitated "defection from the north", believing in the bluff of a shaman that the DPRK would "collapse within a couple of years," vividly tells us that the group abduction was also a joint work and conspiracy from start to finish of the shaman and Park.

The south Korean regime is the first-ever terrorist ring and den of demons that are keen on committing unscrupulous group abductions to produce many more separated families, while turning a blind eye to the immense sufferings from the national division and territorial split caused by outsiders upon the Korean nation for over half a century. Such terrorists and demons should be brought to justice as soon as possible.

The families of the victims of the group abduction submitted twice last year and again in January this year, letters to the UN secretary-general, the high commissioner for Human Rights and the president of the Human Rights Council, asking for help in the repatriation of victims to their families as early as possible. They are still anxiously looking forward to a positive reply.

The UN human rights mechanisms should bring the south Korean authorities to justice and call on south Korea to send back the victims to their families at once.

The DPRK is a people-centered socialist state where people are placed at the centre of all considerations and everything serves them.

All the people in the DPRK are now fully enjoying their independent and genuine rights while leading a happy and carefree life, with firm confidence and optimism about their future, which are ensured by the politics of affording priority, respect and love to the people of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

The DPRK will continue to crush the ever-more exacerbated moves by the hostile forces to isolate and stifle it and further consolidate and develop the Korean-style socialist system centered on the popular masses.

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