Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Terrorism: Military Wants Action on De-indoctrination
By Ronald Mutum
Nigeria Daily Trust
Mar 23 2017 2:00AM

Director Defence Information, Maj.-Gen. John Enenche (right) with the acting Assistant Director, Lieutenant Commander Way Olabisi, during their visit to Media Trust Headquarters in Abuja yesterday

The Director, Defence Information (DDI), Major General John Enenche has called for more action on de-indoctrination at community levels to end terrorism in the country.

He stated this yesterday while fielding questions during a visit to the Media Trust head office in Abuja.

Enenche said more action from civilian populace to de-indoctrinate the terrorists is needed to effectively bring an end to the situation in the Northeast and the country.

He noted that de-indoctrination on the part of traditional and religious leaders alongside de-radicalization efforts by the military would end terrorism.

He added that: “If it is addressed in this way what we are seeing now sooner or later it would be a thing of the past.”

He said unlike in some countries where terrorist have hold regions; “It is not something that has a firm base; there is no firm base of terrorists in Nigeria, sooner than later it would be a thing of the past.”

He also responded on the anticipated report of military inquiry into the accidental air strike in Rahn, Borno State, that killed several civilians, Enenche said the report would soon be out.

He explained that: “it is necessary to do that report very well to avoid such a thing in the future, by the time the report is out you would be happy about it, and it would not happen in the future.”


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