Monday, July 31, 2017

NPCK Spokesman Slams S. Korean Regime's Move to Gloss Over THAAD Issue
A spokesman for the National Peace Committee of Korea released a statement on July 29 accusing the south Korean regime of trying to gloss over the issue of THAAD deployment, yielding to the pressure from the US.

Recently, the south Korean authorities decided not to open to the public the documents containing the truth behind the THAAD deployment for the reason that it might cause problems in sensitive diplomacy and security although they were found among the documents of the former Park Geun Hye regime at the Blue House, the statement said, and went on:

This is because of the regime's concern that the publication of the documents may reveal the truth behind the deployment of THAAD enforced by the US, add fuel to the public struggle against the deployment and thus incur disfavor of the US.

During the past "presidential" election the present chief executive of south Korea promised not to push ahead with the deployment unilaterally, considering the mindset of the public opposed to the deployment.

But the present regime of south Korea has now broken the promise and made it an established fact to deploy THAAD. This is just a mockery and frontal challenge to the south Korean people.

It seemed in the past that the rulers of south Korea would tell the US what they should tell over the issue of the THAAD deployment. But now it has been fully disclosed that it was just a cheap farce to calm down angry China and Russia. South Korea has nothing to say when it is faced with shower of strikes from the neighboring countries, not mere economic retaliation.

If the regime persists in kowtowing to the US, failing to realize that its move to deploy THAAD, pursuant to the US policy, is so foolish and reckless, it will never escape miserable fate like the Park Geun Hye group of traitors.

The south Korean regime should come to its senses, though belatedly, and open to the public all the documents related to the truth behind the deployment of THAAD enforced by the Park regime under the manipulation of the US.

It should stop the humiliating THAAD deployment, as demanded by the south Koreans, other Koreans in the north and abroad and the world peace-loving people.


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