Sunday, July 28, 2019

Meetings with DPRK War Veterans Held
Youth and students and officials and members of the women's union in Pyongyang met with war veterans on July 25 to mark the 66th anniversary of the victorious Fatherland Liberation War.

DPRK Hero Ri Yong Je, a war veteran, met with young people and students at the Central Youth Hall.

He recalled that President Kim Il Sung initiated the anti-aircraft team movement to foil the enemy's "air superiority" and taught soldiers how to hunt enemy aircrafts.

Noting that the traditions of the July 27 victory will shine more brightly generation after generation thanks to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, he asked youth and students to demonstrate their resourcefulness and youthful valour in defending the country and building a powerful socialist country.

War veteran Ju Jae Hyon, a participant in the attack on Height 351, made a speech at the meeting with officials and members of the women's union.

He told them that the People's Army soldiers occupied in only 15 minutes Height 351, the enemies boasted of being the "line of no retreat", by employing a Korean style combat method and made a report on victory to President Kim Il Sung.

He called for fully discharging the revolutionary mission of the Korean women in the on-going grand march of self-reliance with ardent loyalty to Kim Jong Un as the first and second generations of the revolution did.

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