Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Two Opposition Parties Reject Calls for Quotas to Sudan’s Armed Groups
July 22, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The National Umma Party (NUP) and Sudanese Congress Party (SCoP) voiced their support for a technocrat government during the transitional period saying no room for the allocation of ministerial positions to the opposition l forces.

The statements of the two opposition parties come as the armed groups, members of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front request to have 35% of the positions in the three organs of the transitional authority.

In statements to Sky News Arabia Monday, al Mahdi who is also the leader of the Sudan Call alliance that includes three armed groups said that there is a need to achieve a comprehensive and just peace in the country, underscoring that it is a priority for the transitional period.

Further, he stressed there is no room for quotas to the opposition groups in the transitional authority.

"The members of the Sovereign Council (collective transitional presidency), the government and the governors of states must be technocrats," he said.

SPLM-N Agar Deputy Chairman Yasir Aman told Al-Haddath TV on Sunday that Addis Ababa consultations meetings agreed on a document including 11 points to be added to the constitutional declaration.

"The only remaining point that we have not agreed on is how to create transitional bodies to include peace issues with the broad participation of the armed groups, which are part of the Forces for Freedom and change," he added.

In a separate audio statement released late on Monday evening, Arman was keen to point that he and his group have no intention to take part in the transitional institutions.

The Sudanese Congress Party, for its part, issued a statement on Monday saying that they appreciate the proposal made by some forces to appoint the party’s chairman Omer al-Digair as the head of the transitional government.

However, the SCoP distanced itself from calls for quotas for the opposition groups.

"We call to reject any form of party quotas that divert the revolution from its trajectory and turn it into a race on the chairs," the party stressed.

SCoP sources told Sudan Tribune under the cover of anonymity that al-Digair will resign immediately from his position as the head of the party in case the opposition FFC picks him as the prime minister.

The sources added that his chairmanship of the party will end within a few months and he would not be re-elected as provided in the constitution of the party.


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