Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Japan Occupied Korea Illegally

A century and a decade has passed since the Japanese imperialists illegally fabricated the “Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty”.

Still today, Japan is behaving impudently, clamouring about legitimization of the “treaty”.

At that time, it pushed ahead with the preparations for stripping Korea of its sovereignty in a planned and systematic way. It deprived Korea of its rights of diplomacy, home administration and jurisdiction by concocting the “Ulsa Five-Point Treaty”, “Jongmi Seven-Point Treaty” and others, and established its “Residency-General" in Korea in February 1906 in a bid to promote the “annexation of Korea by Japan” on the spot.

Meanwhile, it became hell-bent on laying its military foundations. At its cabinet council in 1909 it made a gangster-like decision that annexing Korea to Japan to make it a part of its territory was the most reliable method for building up its strength on the Korean peninsula. At another cabinet meeting held in July the following year, it finally confirmed the plan for occupying Korea by divesting the Korean Royal family of its rights and completely seizing its territory.

In order to “legalize” the plan, the Japanese imperialists, on August 22, 1910, railroaded in a flash the “Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty”, which they had already framed up hand in glove with the traitors to the Korean nation, under the military threat and blackmail.

The “treaty” was, from A to Z, a fraud document forged in a brigandish way.

Sunjong, the last monarch of the feudal Joson dynasty, on his deathbed, left a testament to lay bare the crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists. He said: I did not give my approval for the “treaty”. Japan concocted the “treaty” at its will in conspiracy with the group of traitors and made it public in an arbitrary manner. It held me in confinement and threatened me.

The international law in those days stipulated that any treaty concluded by other’s threat without freedom shall be repealed, and that a treaty shall surely be approved by the king of a country and, if not, it shall be a mere scrap of paper.

From this point of view, the “Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty” was an illegal, invalid and fraudulent document in wanton violation of the elementary demands of the international law as the Japanese imperialists cooked it up by besieging the Korean Royal Palace with their aggressive military forces and militarily threatening the representative of a state.

Therefore, the Korean people have boiled over with rage at the Japanese imperialists who inflicted indescribable misfortunes and pain on them during illegal occupation of Korea.

But, the Japanese reactionaries are making desperate efforts to justify the “treaty” with such disjointed remarks as it was the option of the Koreans and it complied with due formalities, harbouring an illusion of doing so again.

In December 1987, a member of the Council of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan gabbled that he would give three cheers if another “Japan-Korea annexation treaty” would possibly be concluded. In October 2003, the governor of Tokyo spat out that the “Japan-Korea annexation treaty” was selected in accordance with the unanimous will of the Koreans. Most recently, a government official made such a reckless remark that his country’s main targets are China and the DPRK, openly revealing Japan’s ambition for reinvasion.

All these facts clearly show that Japan has no intention to reflect on its past crimes but it is obsessed with a pipedream of reinvasion.

The Korean people will surely settle accounts with the thrice-cursed crimes committed by Japan which illegally stripped Korea of its sovereignty and enforced 40-odd-year-long colonial rule, imposing indescribable misfortunes and pain on the Korean nation.


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