Thursday, August 27, 2020

Sudan, Darfur Groups End Talks on Security Arrangements Ahead of Peace Deal Initial Signing

26 August 2020 

(JUBA) - The Sudanese transitional government and Darfur armed groups reached an agreement on the integration of the former combatants into the Sudanese army and the formation of a joint force to protect civilians.

Dhieu Matouk speaks to reporters on 26 August 2020 (ST photo)This agreement on the last sticky point in the negotiations between the government and the armed groups paves the ways for initialing a comprehensive peace agreement on Friday 28 August.

"The negotiators for peace in Darfur have reached an agreement on the integration of forces within the framework of the ongoing negotiations on security arrangements," said Dhieu Matouk, the rapporteur of the mediation team on Wednesday.

The agreement provides that the forces would be integrated within 39 months.

"Therefore, as the parties have overcome the sticky points in the security arrangements of Darfur track, tomorrow this chapter will be revised and then prepared for the initial signing," Matouk said in a separate statement.

On August 18, the Sudanese government and the SPLM-N led by Malik Agar, which is affiliated with the Sudanese Revolutionary Front, also reached an agreement to integrate the movement’s combatants into the regular forces over a period of 39 months.

Speaking in a dinner organized by Abyei businessmen in Juba the head of the government negotiating team Mohamed Hamdan Daglo ’Hemetti’ called to expedite efforts to bring peace in Sudan.

"Without peace, Sudan will not take a step forward, so the government has opened all humanitarian corridors without conditions to create an attractive environment for peace," he added.

The Sudanese official was visibly alluding to the rebel group in Sudan’s Two Areas led by Abdel Aziz al-Hilu which withdrew from the talks to protest Hemetti’s leadership of the government negotiating delegation.


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