Friday, September 10, 2021

Mighty Country

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a dignified independent country firmly based on single-hearted unity.

It is strong in independent stand, and is undauntedly advancing along its own track of development.

Independence constitutes the central core of the country’s idea of state building. It is a miracle that the country has developed independently holding fast to the principle of independence despite being the target of concentrated attack by the imperialists and dominationists for a long period of time.

When not a few countries abandoned their principles and opted for submission under pressure from the imperialists, the DPRK made no concession or compromise over the issues related to the fundamental interests of the State and the people.

Adhering to its independent stand in politics, it has consistently observed the principle of self-sufficiency in the economy and self-reliance in national defence and solved all the problems in an original way.

It has thoroughly applied the revolutionary line of independence in state building and activity. Herein lies the secret of its having gained victory after victory without any deviation, twists and turns even in the face of unprecedented ordeals.

The DPRK demonstrates its might by dint of single-hearted unity.

Unity is a fundamental issue decisive of the development and rise and fall of a state.

Like-mindedness and affection deepen ties between people and constitute the basis for the development of a state and society. A state never means only territory, system and political power.

As a state is inconceivable apart from man, the masses, any development of a state can’t be said apart from human relations formed by like-mindedness and affection.

All the members of society have the same purpose and desire for the common cause and share a feeling of kinship on the road for the common cause.

This constitutes the might of the DPRK and the source of its invincibility.

The history of the DPRK is a proud history in which its leader and people have created a brilliant example of socialist construction single-mindedly.

For decades since the DPRK was founded, its great leader and faithful people have together gone through the untrodden path for the building of a new country, consolidated the foundation of socialist construction and pushed ahead with the cause of building an invincible mighty country.

The phrase “with the leader trusting the people and the people doing the leader” is a synonym which implicitly depicts the DPRK’s history of single-hearted unity.

Although the DPRK was faced with unprecedented trials and gigantic revolutionary tasks, the Korean people could advance straight forward vigorously without a moment’s stagnation because the leader, the Party and the masses formed a great harmonious whole firmly based on lofty trust and faith.

The leader unfolds a blueprint for the prosperity of the country, the one that reflects the demands and interests of the people, and the people always support the leader’s decision unconditionally and translate it into reality. This is, indeed, a mode of development peculiar to the DPRK.

All the members of society fully enjoy an independent and creative life helping and leading one another forward, single-heartedly united around the Party and the leader—this is socialist Korea.

The world people are amazed at the prestige of the DPRK which is, with its own belief, advancing without flinching along the road it chose in the present world where tyranny and arbitrariness by the imperialists are rampant.

It is a great victory which will go down in its 5 000-year-long history that the DPRK, whose territory and population are not so large, shines brilliantly as an independent power and a country of single-hearted unity.

With the lofty names “dignified independent country” and “invincible power whose leader and people form a harmonious whole,” the DPRK will further demonstrate its dignity and might in the future, too.

Kim Ryu Chol, researcher at the Academy of Social Sciences


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