Thursday, September 09, 2021

Pyongyang Citizens Line Up to Welcome Parade

The participants in the parade of the paramilitary and public security forces for celebrating the 73rd founding anniversary of the DPRK passed through streets of the capital city of Pyongyang, warmly welcomed by citizens on September 9.

Waving national flags and bouquets to the dependable paraders, the citizens felt great pride in the revolutionary armed forces of our Party reliably upholding the socialist cause of Juche with hammer, sickle, writing brush and rifle.

The members of the parade passing the streets of Pyongyang heartily responded with the firm pledge to propel the strengthening of the combat capabilities and defend the rear of socialist homeland as firm as a rock, being conscious of their honourable mission as dependable wings of the Korean People’s Army.

From brightly-lit windows of flats the citizens congratulated the paraders who were full of pride of having decorated the significant founding anniversary of the Republic with a proud marching and a show of mechanized columns.

Enthusiastic cheers of the citizens broke in streets where mechanized columns were passing.

The enthusiastic welcome for the participants in the parade added to the festivity on the September holiday.


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