Sunday, September 12, 2021

Some Powers Must Stop Meddling in Ethiopia’s Internal Affairs

September 12, 2021

ADDIS ABABA– The international community is expected to play a constructive role in the current situation of Ethiopia and should refrain from meddling in the country’s internal affairs and condemn TPLF’s evil act, the group’s former member said.

Approached by The Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), TPLF’s former member-turned vocal critic Lilay Hailemariam stated that citizens must act as diplomats for their country and request the international community to handoff from Ethiopia and label TPLF as a terrorist group.

“Ethiopians have to strengthen our internal unity and fight our enemies together besides serving as a diplomat for our motherland and asking the international community not to meddle in our domestic affairs. If we can’t ruin this evil force in unison, our values would be undermined.”

As to Lilay, the people of Ethiopia have to fight the TPLF clique in all available means including in diplomatic and battle fields and everyone should stand to defend the interest of his country of birth in the international arenas.

“Each state of Ethiopia must reveal their firm stance against TPLF to the U.S. Embassy, United Nations Secretary Office, African Union and other international institutions,” he noted, adding that such an intense campaign is crucial to reverse the international community’s bias.

Community leaders, elders, scholars and other influential individuals have equal responsibility to aware the global community TPLF’s uncounted evil acts against the people of Ethiopia.

Noting different scholars pledged petitions against the TPLF and submit to int’l organizations, Lilay indicated that there is no better time than now for Ethiopians to stand together to keep national sovereignty and fight unjust western pressure. Providing accurate and verifiable information about the destructive activities of the outlawed group to global actors would have paramount importance in this regard.

Utilizing different social media platforms to counter TPLF associates’ information war and being proactive in agenda setting is also something worth equal consideration. The people of Ethiopia should consolidate their unity more than ever and the newly established government would have better capacity and hope to make Ethiopia’s future bright, he concluded.


The Ethiopian Herald  12  September  2021

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