Monday, September 06, 2021

Sudanese Distorted Report About Arms Delivery from Ethiopian Airlines Busted

September 6, 2021

Ethiopian Airlines busted distorted report by Sudanese media about arms (hunting rifles) delivery that was meant to be for an authorized dealer

Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa (photo : borkena)


Sudanse Media, this week, indulged in distorted media narrative regarding arms delivery by Ethiopian Airlines. State owned SUNA and Sudan Tribune,a private one,  made the story appear as if Ethiopia was smuggling arms to Sudan. 

There was a clear attempt to make the title sensational. Government owned SUNA used the title “Weapons Shipment Coming from Ethiopia Detained at Khartoum Airport” while The Sudan Tribune made it sound as if Sudan seized illegal arms supply from Ethiopia. “Sudan seizes weapons shipped from Ethiopia,” is the title it used. 

The shipment was simply, as Ethiopian Airlines clarified it later as the story was hyped,  to an individual, apparently Sudanese, who is authorized to deal with arms trade. 

The rifles are meant to be for hunting purposes. Ethiopian Airlines on Monday shared a brief statement on Monday explaining the matter. It also attached  a picture of a legal document (clearance) for the shipmen. The statement is as follows : 

“We would like to respond to the wrong article which appeared in SUNA, Sudan News Agency.

Ethiopian Airlines shipment of weapons to Sudan is a legal and commercial transportation of hunting guns with all proper documents of the shipper and the consignee.  The hunting guns were held by security authorities in Addis Ababa for a long time for verification and the consignee sued Ethiopian in Sudanese court to either deliver the hunting guns or pay close to USD250,000 as compensation. 

As we have got a clearance from Ethiopian security authorities after completing the due verification process, we shipped them to the consignee in Sudan.

We have all the documentations that prove the legality of the shipment including a letter from Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We have attached the Air waybill or consignment note.”

On Sunday, the BBC Amharic service reported that Sudanese internal Affairs Ministry has confirmed that the weapons delivered via Ethiopian Airlines are legal. 

Ethiopian Airlines is the most successful carrier in the continent. It has proved its competence by managing to cover its costs by innovative approaches to business at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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