Thursday, September 09, 2021

TPLF Three Divisions of Forces Entirely Annihilated: General Bacha Debele

September 4, 2021

The TPLF is said to have lost over 10,000 forces from the latest battles in Gonder and Wollo. General Bacha Debelle spoke about the details of it. 


General Bacha Debele on Saturday, had a press conference to update Ethiopians on the latest battle victories in North Western Ethiopia. 

Recalling that the TPLF has made incursions in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia as part of its strategy to disintegrate Ethiopia, he said that the Junta [a reference to TPLF leadership] is sending child soldiers to war fronts.  

“It organized tens of thousands of ethnic Tigray youths into four armies and undertook an invasion in the Amhara region, “he said. 

The first army under the leadership of General Migbe, who used to be in the Ethiopian Defense Force before the TPLF lost power in Addis Ababa, was operating in the Aderkai and Maitsebri area. 

According to the statement from General Bacha Debelle, Migbe’s (Gneral Baccha called him traitor) force attempted to cut through Debark and Dabat with the aim to control Gonder town. The TPLF force also intended to control Humera to open up a corridor to establish contact with foreign supporters that are hostile to Ethiopia. 

General Bacha disclosed that that force is entirely routed. The army under General Migbe was composed of three cores.  Colonel Geush Gebre led core 1 which is composed of three divisions. The second core was under the leadership of Brigadier General Zenebe ( was also member of Ethiopian Defense Force)

The third core was under the leadership of Brigadier General Worq Ayenu. 

A total of nine TPLF Divisions of forces were entirely annihilated, said General Bacha Debele. It means TPLF’s effort to reach Sudan where it is anticipating to get logistical and arms support, among other things, is foiled. 

TPLF’s army two, under the leadership of Major General Yohannes Wolde Ghiorgis,  was deployed in the South Gondar and North Wollo area. Two divisions are that army is destroyed in the Gashena, Kimir Dingay area, according to General Bacha’s statement. 

Army three is under Brigadier General Fisseha. It was allying with the Kemant mercenary group, as described by General Bacha, attempted an offensive but was unable to withstand the Ethiopian Defense Force and had to retreat after losing some of its forces. 

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