Sunday, November 27, 2022

Ethiopian CoHA Confirms Africa's Capability to Fix Own Problems: South African Poet

November 27, 2022

ADDIS ABABA – The Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (CoHA) between the government and TPLF is an indication of Africans’ capability of fixing their problems on their own, a South African Poet Shontel Landzela said.

Approached by local media, the poet Shontel Landzela noted that the Battle of Adwa was an indication that the unified remains strong and un-colonized. “The recent agreement gave me hope for Africa’s ability to fix their problems and it would take the continent forward by working and standing together.”

“What is happening in Ethiopia right now is what has happened multiple times in other countries due to the influence of outsiders. They are using the same system in all African countries and we have to stop it now before it happens again.”

According to her, Ethiopians and other Africans should remember that the continent’s future is bright when they stand together to struggle the unwarranted influence of some interest groups.

As the African continent is rich with various minerals, an outside influence that aims to instigate tribal conflict is causing a severe problem and Ethiopia has faced the current challenge owing to the fact that it is the heart of Africa. Meddling in African affairs enables some groups to protect the greedy interests of foreigners and the hand of oppressors is over to the partition of its rich resources.

The poet further pointed out that Ethiopians should strengthen the collaboration with other African brothers and sisters to prevent the intervention of outside forces and to solve problems on African mechanisms.

It is to be recalled that Landzela wrote a poem titled “Dear Ethiopia” to express her delight and support to the truce that was signed in Pretoria.


The Ethiopian Herald November 27/2022

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