Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Plaza de la Revolucion Being Reconditioned for 50th Anniversary Socialism Anniversary


Havana April 4, 2011

Plaza de la Revolución being reconditioned

Havana’s Paseo Avenue, and all
roads leading to Plaza de la Revolución has been reconditioned for the commemoration.

WORKERS in various areas are reconditioning Havana’s Plaza de la Revolución for the April 16 military parade commemorating the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of the socialist nature of the Cuban Revolution and the Bay of Pigs victory.

The repaving of streets and the corresponding signage is accompanied by the mounting of sound systems and constructing the stage.

A unit of Havana’ public service workers has been organized to clean the Plaza and its adjoining areas.

A group of these workers are currently working on cleaning and embellishing the area as part of reconditioning works underway in the context of the military parade, which will include combat maneuvers, with the difference this time that the equipment will be on wheels and not tracks.

The cleansing unit will be backed up specialized garbage trucks, and tractors and trailers.

This unit is made up of 1,380 public service workers, representing the 6,000-plus currently responsible for cleaning the capital. (SE)

Translated by Granma International •

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