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Al-Shabaab Threatens to 'Destroy Puntland, Says 'No Security Progress in Mogadishu'

Garowe Online (Garowe)

Somalia: Al Shabaab Threatens to 'Destroy Puntland, Says 'No Security Progress in Mogadishu'

6 January 2013

Mogadishu — The spokesman for Al Shabaab extremist militants allied to Al Qeada has said that there is "no security progress in Mogadishu," while threatening to "destroy Puntland and overthrow [President] Farole ", Garowe Online reports.

In an audio recording from an undisclosed location posted on the Internet, Al Shabaab spokesman Ali "Dheere " Mohamud Rage said: "Look at the artillery hitting Villa Somalia presidential compound [in Mogadishu]. There is no improving security and Al Shabaab is present in every district of Mogadishu. The Christian enemies have claimed that they control provincial towns, but Al Shabaab attacks and kills Christian enemies, most recently yesterday when we blew up a military truck with Burundi soldiers in Merka. "

Ali Dheere 's voice could not be independently verified, but the audio recording was posted on Sunday on Al Shabaab websites on the Internet and circulated to Somali media.

"This is the best time for Al Shabaab. There has been heavy fighting and shelling in Mogadishu the past few nights. Everyday we kill enemies in Merka, Jowhar, Garbaharey, Leego, and don 't even mention Kismayo. The enemies are suffering death and destruction and Al Shabaab is getting stronger, " the extremist militants' spokesman claimed.

"The people of Mogadishu used to live with honor, now they live under colonialism of Uganda, Ethiopia , Kenya, and Burundi, " said Ali Dheere.

'Destroy Puntland ': Al Shabaab

Al Shabaab spokesman Ali Dheere threatened to destroy the Puntland government, which administers vast regions in northern Somalia.

"I hear media reports of [Puntland President] Farole saying that the law allows this or that, and another idiot group saying the law allows this . We say only Islamic law is the law. Al Shabaab has waged war against Puntland near Bossaso and we will overthrow Puntland administration and bring Islamic law to Puntland, " said Ali Dheere.

Continuing, the Al Shabaab spokesman said: "We call on the people of Puntland to join Al Shabaab and to fight the Ethiopian and the American Christian colonizers. We will destroy Puntland and overthrow Farole and his friends. "

On the nights of On Dec. 5, 2012, and on Jan. 3, 2013, Al Shabaab militants hiding out in Galgala Mountains attacked Puntland military outposts in the mountains. Puntland officials have said that government forces repulsed the Al Shabaab attack and inflicted casualties on the extremists, who fled deeper into the mountains.

Security officials said Puntland government forces stationed in the mountains are prepared to defend against Al Shabaab attacks, explaining that the militants hide out in a mountainous terrain among caves and valleys.

In October 2010, Puntland government forces overran Al Shabaab hideouts in the Galgala Mountains at the end of a three-month military offensive.

Since suffering military defeat in Mogadishu and southern regions, Al Shaba ab has attempted to regroup in Galgala Mountains and Puntland authorities seized weapons shipments from Yemen last year.

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