Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Somalia Holds Opening Ceremony of the National Intelligence & Security Agency

Somalia:The Opening Cermony of the National Intelligence & Security Agency

Published On: Sunday, January, 06 2013
Press- Release

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia H.E Hassan Sh. Mohamud took part of the 41st anniversary and the re-opening ceremony of the National Intelligence & Security Agency’s (NISA) headquarters.

Members of the Parliament, Cabinet Ministers Foreign diplomats and AMISOM took part of the ceremony. The event was well organized, cultural presentations; artist performing plays about the Agency’s role in the society were displayed.

President Hassan Sh. Who was very pleased with the opening of NISA’s head quarter and its 41st anniversary made a very touching speech. First the President applauded the agency for its performance. “ We the government are very happy with this institution, and you have earned the respect of our citizens by your discipline and that makes the National Intelligence & Security Agency the role model of all Somali security forces.”

While sending a message to Al-Shabaab’s foreign fighter’s President Hassan declared” I want you to know Somalia belongs only to Somalis and you need to go back to your countries. Yes we are Muslims but Somalia belongs only to Muslims who are Somalis.” President Hassan warned Somalis not to be brain washed by foreign criminals who are sought after in their respective countries.

In his speech, he thanked countries who supported Somalia and reminded them that Somalia will never forget those who supported during difficult times

At the end, President appealed to Somalis to take part in rebuilding back Somalia.” Security is our priority, and the government is committed to lead in restoring Somalia to peace. The government wants a Somalia that is in peace with itself, with the region and with the entire world”. Security is the President’s main pillar of the Six Pillar Policy Plan.

Communication Office
Office of the Somali President
Mogadishu, Somalia

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