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ANCYL Rejects the Imperialist Regime Change Agenda of the DA
10 August 2017

The ANCYL has noted the naked and unmasked Democratic Alliance that has since publicly exposed its strategy to collapse the government of the Republic of South Africa. They have outlined their plan to mobilize other opposition parties to resign from their seats in parliament in order to force a constitutional crisis by which the house would not meet quorum. Although this plan is based on a serious misreading of the constitution, the important fact about it is that it reveals the agenda of the Democratic Alliance to effect regime change through a palace coup.

The ANC Youth League has been warning the people of South Africa about the undemocratic and imperialist agenda of the DA, we have been vindicated! We have warned that theirs is a strategy by an undemocratic minority of elite forces aimed at plunging the country into a political crisis by means of a Coup de tat.

Their strategy has always been to isolate the President of the Republic as a gateway to removing the entire African National Congress from power without having to go through elections.

The DA, its handlers and its toy soldiers (who are symbolically clad in overalls and aprons) in the form of the EFF have led numerous failed attempts to collapse the entire government of South Africa. They sold a false narrative to the public that they are custodians of clean governance. They misled the public into believing that their attack on President Jacob Zuma is about fighting corruption when infact they effecting a coup. However, they have been tabling Votes of No Confidence in terms of Section 102 of the Constitution and not Section 89. Section 89 provides for the removal of a President for bad behaviour but Section 102 leads to a total collapse of Cabinet.

The EFF on the other side, led by Ratanang`s father of Ratanang Trust, have reduced themselves to becoming drum-majorettes and toy soldiers of imperialism, recent circulating videos of their Conman in Chief outlining their plans to collapse Parliament long before the recent debate is a case in point. The ANCYL has long informed society that Ratanang`s father went to England to raise funds for Ratanang Trust and in the process sold out the EFF`s hollow "7 Cardinal Pillars" rhetoric they used to hoodwink our people into voting for them. The first signs of the Terms and Conditions of the money they received from England on behalf of Ratanang Trust was that they donate their votes to the Imperial master in the form of Colonialism apologist Mmusi Maimane.

The ANC Youth League warned last week that the DA hoped that their Motion of No Confidence would succeed and that, consistent with Section 102(2) of the Constitution, the President would have to resign with the entire Cabinet. To this extent, the Executive Arm of the State would effectively collapse and most likely lead to a situation of political upheaval.

They had hope that the entire political crisis that they would have generated would have swing popular opinion against the ANC. Following this misguided logic, they have concluded that such a swing of popular opinion against the ANC would give them an advantage at the polls to either defeat the ANC outright or form a coalition government amongst their political formations as opposition parties.

The ANC Youth League is of the view that this reckless and criminal political objective of the Democratic Alliance runs the risk of plunging South Africa into Civil War. The ANC Youth League is ready to defend the democratic elections of 2014 with any means possible, we have demonstrated outside of Parliament that we remain a mass based force and together with our people, we are ready to teach the DA and its adopted step-children a lesson!

For the DA and their imperial allies, a political crisis and violent fallout in South Africa would prove their longstanding attitude that Africans are incapable of running stable societies. The political violence that may follow a premature dissolution of parliament would help to feed the racists that Africans need a rightwing, mostly white and racist political formation to act as custodians that govern an otherwise incompetent black population.

This is why we are completely flabbergasted and disgusted with the ANC Members of Parliament that voted in support of the Motion of No Confidence on the 8th of August. These comrades have sold out the revolution and have allowed themselves to be co-opted into their own liquidation, in the process dividing the ANC and crippling it to be unable to face the current political crises that we face. The EFF is firing its Councillors in Mogale City, the DA has subjected its own Councillors to lie-detector tests, the ANC cannot be expected to fold its arms when within its midst, it harbours opposition forces who are willing to collapse their own Government, we are calling for the removal of those MP`s, especially those who have publicly rediscovered their conscience which places them outside of the mandate of the organization.

As the ANC Youth League we will be vigilant in this period, we will mobilize society and young people behind the banner of the ANC. Internal challenges of the ANC including corruption and state capture must be faced and addressed with vigour but we can no longer sit and accept that it is business as usual.

Issued By

ANC Youth League

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