Sunday, August 06, 2017

Anti-DPRK Sanctions Doomed
Rodong Sinmun, official organ of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, on August 2 carried an article entitled “Anti-DPRK sanctions racket doomed to failure”.

It quoted Western media including Reuters as reporting that despite harsh sanctions, the DPRK’s economy is growing and splendid buildings have sprung up in Pyongyang so fast people find it hard to see its original looks. The reports evidently demonstrate that US hostile policy and sanctions against the DPRK are doomed to failure, it said.

It ascribed the miracles and victories the DPRK achieves uninterruptedly in the face of the vicious and tenacious sanctions and blockade by the US and other hostile forces to the outstanding leadership, extraordinary wisdom and unrivalled guts of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and the single-hearted unity around him and great self-development of the Korean service personnel and people.

US’ sanctions and its moves to stifle the DPRK are unheard-of in history and defy imagination, the article said, adding that such racket has motivated the country to take successive measures to build up its self-defence capabilities with the nuclear deterrent as the backbone.

As the US ratchets up sanctions the DPRK’s army and people will work harder with greater political awareness to build a powerful socialist country, where the people’s ideals and dreams come true, on this land, it noted.

It is the stark, undeniable reality that the whole of US mainland is in sights of the DPRK’s strategic nuclear force, it asserted, warning that if the Trump administration persists in the anti-DPRK policy, failing to learn a lesson from its political failure, it will only hasten the collapse of the empire of evil.

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