Tuesday, August 08, 2017

KAPPC Spokesman Rejects Anti-DPRK "Sanctions Resolution"
A spokesman for the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee issued the following statement on August 8:

The US, the most shameful gangster-like state in the world, and the riffraff submitting to it blindly deterred by its high-handed practices committed an international crime of cooking up the "sanctions resolution" 2371 by abusing the name of the UN Security Council on August 6.

As soon as the adoption of "sanctions resolution" at the UNSC, US President Trump acted as if he achieved a great thing, saying that it would give very big economic shock to the DPRK, and he extended thanks to China and Russia for cooperation in adopting the "resolution". The US ambassador to the UN and other underlings are talking such nonsense that the north's regime would have to pay dearly for persistently developing its nuclear weapons and missiles.

Japanese Prime Minister Abe is talking rhetoric that he highly appreciated the "resolution" as one clearly reflecting the will of the international community demanding a higher level of pressure on the DPRK.

Big countries that showed their hands in favour of adopting the "resolution", scared by the US sanctions threats to them, are letting loose clumsy excuses, saying that it is necessary to take sanctions against the DPRK but the final target is the settlement of the issue through negotiations.

Even the poor south Korean puppet regime is impudently uttering, urging the DPRK to seriously accept the united warning from the international community and immediately stop the reckless provocation threatening world peace and security.

However, the recent "sanctions resolution" cooked up by the US and its followers is an outcome of horror and uneasiness of the US taken aback by the might and mettle of the DPRK, which towered high as the nuclear power of Juche and a world military power, and the last-ditch efforts of the hostile forces under the pretext of the "international community". It is also a label of weakness and servility of the riffraff who showed their hands in favour of adopting the "resolution" as they are scared by the US, an old wolf, though understanding that it is unjust.

The Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee clarifies the following stand, in reflection of the firm faith and strong retaliatory will of our army and people who want peace and security in the region and the rest of the world;

1. We totally and resolutely reject the recent "sanctions resolution", cooked up by the gangster-like US imperialists in collusion with its blind followers, as a hideous terrorism against the dignified DPRK.

In any page of UN Charter and international code there can be found no article stipulating that a country's step for building up military strength to defend its dignity and sovereignty may be called into question.

Like all the past anti-DPRK "resolutions" cooked up at the UN, the recent "sanctions resolution" is a criminal and illegal document, invented by the gangster-like US, the sworn enemy of the Korean people, and passed by the UNSC which has turned into a tool of evil infected with extreme prejudice and injustice, bereft of its inborn mission and duty as a body responsible for global peace and security, and a puppet acting on the hands of the US and other big powers. We do not regard the "resolution" as much as wastepaper and the absurd call for its implementation as much as bark of a dog at the moonlit night.

Nothing will be more foolish than to expect that such "resolution", little short of a document of crimes, will give a great "shock" and result in something.

2. Now that gangster-like act has reached its height to ruthlessly violate the sovereignty and rights to existence and development of the DPRK, a substantial action of justice by its army and people will follow to defend them.

The times have changed and the world is getting awakened.

The world political structure is radically changing according to the aspiration of the awakened people. And the overall national strength and strategic position of the DPRK have been remarkably increased.

Under such circumstances, packs of wolves are coming in attack to strangle a nation. The Korean army and people will never remain an onlooker to such practice.

It should be mindful that the DPRK's strategic steps accompanied by physical action will be taken mercilessly with the mobilization of all its national strength.

3. Taking this opportunity we call on all countries and peoples to turn out in foiling the high-handed and arbitrary practices of the US and its followers which abused the name of the UN against the world conscience and building a new, just and stable world order.

Assertions of big powers are not always right and majority cannot represent justice at all.
In the Middle Ages, there were only a few people who advocated the Copernican Theory and the majority opposed and incriminated it. But the truth was proved along with history.

Those countries, which were thanked by Trump and gained gratitude of the US this time for supporting the illicit "resolution", pursuant to its policy, after dropping their creed, conscience and obligation, should feel shame before the world conscience, deeply reflect on their wrongdoings in the stern court of history and mankind and pay dearly for them.

All countries and peoples in the world opposing war and loving peace should courageously turn out in the struggle against imperialism and the US in order to set right the present unfair international order where injustice lords it over justice and high-handed and ego-driven practice prevails over truth and to build a new, righteous and peaceful world.

We declare before the world once again our iron will to straightly advance along the road of simultaneously developing the two fronts without a moment's stop or vacillation, keenly realizing how just we were when we decided to take the path of bolstering the nuclear force, now that the US-led hostile forces are running wild to stifle the DPRK.

The army and people of the DPRK will resolutely smash by dint of justice the illicit "sanctions resolution" cooked up by the brigandish US imperialists.

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