Sunday, August 06, 2017

Stop to Hostile Policy Towards DPRK Urged
Civic and workers organizations of south Korea on August 3 formed an August 15 All-People Peace Action in Seoul and strongly urged the present authorities and the US to roll back at once the hostile policy toward the DPRK and war policy, according to the south Korean News.

At a press conference speakers charged that the present chief executive took the lead in calling for sanctions on the north, far from keeping the promise to resume the south-north dialogue and push forward the conclusion of a peace treaty. Furthermore, he enforced the additional deployment of THAAD launching pads, they deplored.

They accused the US and the present south Korean regime of persisting in the failed policy of sanctions and military pressure on the DPRK.

Owing to the south Korea-US joint military drill in August, the tension on the Korean peninsula will worsen to the maximum, they said, urging the US and the south Korean authorities to stop the war drill.

The organization declared that it would hold an all-people rally in the plaza of Seoul City Office on August 15 and launch a demonstration for surrounding the US and Japanese embassies.


Decision on Additional THAAD Deployment Protested in S. Korea

The Songju Committee for Struggle against THAAD Deployment and the Songju Emergency Measure Committee for Defending Holy Land of Won Buddhism and other residents of south Korea held a rally in Sosong-ri, Chojon-myon of Songju County in North Kyongsang Province on August 2 to protest the authorities' decision on additional deployment of THAAD, according to the south Korean Yonhap News.

The ralliers strongly rejected the regime's scheme for additional deployment, chanting slogan "No THAAD!"

They warned that the authorities would not easily deploy the equipment like that on April 26.
Meanwhile, Won Buddhists vowed to stand in the van of the struggle against THAAD deployment.


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