Monday, May 18, 2020

Sudan’s Annual Inflation Rate Jumps to 98% in April
May 16, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - Sudan’s annual inflation rate hit 98.81% in April, from 81.64% in March, Sudan’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBoS) said on Saturday.

The CBoS monthly bulletin said Saturday that the inflation has increased due to the rising prices of food, drink, fuel, bread, grains, meat, legumes, milk, and sugar, in addition to the rise in the housing and transportation.

Inflation rate in urban areas has reached 86.71% in April, while it was 66.83% in March 2020.

While, the inflation in the rural areas hit 107.82% in April, while it was 93.36% in March.

The transitional government took some measures to reduce the subsidies, such as selling fuel in some stations at commercial prices. Also, the price of subsidised bread in the capital Khartoum has been doubled to 2 pounds per loaf from 1 pound.

Speaking to Sudan Tribune on Saturday, financial analyst Abdel Rahman Abu Shora, described the large jump of inflation rate as "dangerous".

He added that the declared rate is likely much lower than the real rate of inflation and expected that it will not be less than 150%.

He said that the prices of commodities increased significantly due to the recent increase in wages by 569%, pointing that the mere announcement of salary increases the rate of inflation.

He further expected the inflation rate would rise next month, at levels greater than the current situation.


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