Monday, February 25, 2008

MOVE 9 Parole Hearings Set For April

February 23, 2008

MOVE 9 Parole Hearings set for April

Diary Entry by Hans Bennett

Almost 30 years after the Aug. 8, 1978 police siege on MOVE's West Philadelphia home, the remaining eight prisoners are eligible for parole. Phil Africa is asking for people to write letters of support to The Parole Board.

I received the message below from my friend Dave, who is in touch with Phil Africa, one of the eight remaining MOVE prisoners. As Dave explains, this really is an important time, so please help spread the word, and also please write a letter to the Parole Board as Phil is asking. Their imprisonment has been such an injustice, and now after 30 years, they can be released if we apply enough pressure.

Recently I have written an article on The MOVE 9 and interviewed journalist Linn Washington Jr. about covering MOVE since the 1970s. Also, Ramona Africa recently was interviewed by Uprising Radio. And of course, there is the documentary about MOVE, narrated by Howard Zinn, viewable online at Brightcove or You Tube. MOVE's website is

Stay tuned for more information and coverage in the coming months!

Parole for the MOVE 9!

Hans Bennett


Phil Africa says that the MOVE 9 can really use letters and calls to the PA Parole Board this month and next [February & March]. Letters supporting their release can make a big difference. The Board will be having a hearing in April.

After THIRTY years, our brothers and sisters are finally up for parole. If not given probation this year, they may all be forced to serve another SEVENTY. They have almost completed their minimum sentence [of the 30-100 year sentence]. Let's bring them home where they belong in August 2008!

This April parole hearing is SO important. Letters and calls to the Parole Board now can really help. Phil is asking that folks send copies of their letters to him. He wants to take a pile of copies of our letters to the hearing as a show of public support.

It is probably a good idea for folks to send letters to each of the nine Board members. The chairperson was appointed by Ed "1985 Bomber" Rendell so don't count on her getting your message to the whole Board. Their individual names are on this web page:|

Letters can all be sent to this address:

[name of Board member], Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, 1101 South Front Street, Suite #5100, Harrisburg, PA 17104-2517, tel: (717) 787-5699

Please send copies of the letters to Phil at:

William Phillips Africa #AM-4984, SCI-Dallas, 1000 Follies Rd., Dallas, PA 18612

For supporters to brush up on the history of MOVE and the "MOVE 9," this recent 45-minute talk by Ramona is great:

Letters and phone calls to the Board are needed NOW. Let's bring 'em HOME. 30 years is too much already, 70 more is unthinkable.

Peace All! Ona MOVE!!!


Hans Bennett is a Philadelphia photojournalist mostly focusing on the movement to free Mumia Abu-Jamal and all political prisoners. An archive of his work is available at and he is also co-founder of "Journalists for Mumia," created to challenge the long history of corporate media bias, whose website is:

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