Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Final Declaration of the Beirut Resistance Forum

1) Final declaration of the Beirut Resistance Forum
2) Report by the Anti-imperialist Camp


1) Proceedings of the Beirut International Forum
Closing Statement to support Peoples’ Anti-Imperialistic Resistance and the building of Alternatives to Globalization

Two major topics characterized the Forum. On one hand, the heroic resistance by the Palestinian people of Gaza and their ability to confront an intense violence and unprecedented barbarity. On the other, capitalism’s global crisis, which is not only financial but also on economic, social, cultural and moral fronts, thus posing a threat to the survival of humanity itself.

The resistance’s fight against colonialism can’t be detached from the struggle carried out by world revolutionaries and free individuals when facing global capitalism, imperialism, militarization and destruction of social achievements.

The Forum’s attendees declare their support of the Palestinian people’s resistance of Gaza. They condemn the terrorism, crimes, violations of the rule of law and disregard for human value, which Israel has inflicted on these populations.

The Forum participants expressed their support for both the Palestinian and Lebanese resistances against Israeli occupation, as well as to the Iraqis’ fight against American occupation. In addition, they back the Iraqi people’s endeavors to preserve their territorial unity.

The participants declare their support for self-determination for the Afghan people and to their struggle against the American and Atlantic occupation.

The participants salute Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Bolivian President Evo Morales for their support to the peoples’ resistance. They express total endorsement of their fight against US’s interference in South America.

They call for lifting the embargo on Cuba and the release of Cuban prisoners detained in US’ prisons.

The participants condemn alliance between the USA and the government of Colombia which for four decades has terrorized its own people and work to destabilize the progressive regimes of the Latin America. Also they bring their support to the revolutionary movements in fight against this regime.

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2) Islamic and Leftist Anti-imperialists unite

In the opening session Hezbollah’s deputy-secretary Sheik Naim Kassem excellently expressed the common spirit: Today there are only two camps in the world. The one of US imperialism and its allies and the other one of the resistances regardless of their ideological, cultural or religious affiliation. The resistances must be unified against its common enemy which is only possible by respecting the diversity.

The signal sent by this conference to form an international anti-imperialist front was already very bold given the fact that it was the first such event of that scale. Nevertheless the organisers were keen to develop some concrete agreements for the next steps. It is clear that new activities and meetings will be needed to go ahead on that track. As Anti-imperialist Camp we draw following conclusions and put forward following proposals in the spirit of the forum:

1) Insist on the campaign to boycott Israel on all levels.

2) Send brigades and delegations to Gaza and other places of resistance to build solidarity from below and allow a direct touch to the reality on the ground in order to counter the distortions of the Western corporate media.

3) Hold an anti-imperialist conference in support of the resistances in Europe as a continuation of Beirut forum. The main axis could be:
a) give voice to the resistances
b) rebuff raging Islamophobia which provides the ideological backing to the ongoing imperialist war
c) propose as the only solution to the Palestinian problem on single democratic state.

4) Build a permanent but open body of global co-ordination of anti-imperialist forces.

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