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Sudan News Update: ICC Continues False Allegations; Economic Reports

Ocampo Should Clean Himself from the Filth

Sudan Vision Daily

ICC Prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo is still continuing his false allegations through his series of arrest warrants for Sudanese citizens to hand themselves to the ICC for trial on genocide crimes in Darfur.

According to news reports, Ocampo, who gives a blind eye to the genocide occurring in Gaza committed by the Jewish State against the innocent civilians and children besides what is going in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, is new demanding JEM rebel leaders including Nahar Idris Abu Garda, Ali Abdallah Karbino and Abdallah Yahyia to hand themselves before the ICC for trial.

It seems that Ocampo''s only mission is to concentrate in Darfur and the Sudanese leaders, as he never gives even a lip service to what is going on in Palestine.

Ocampo''s new arrest warrants for Sudanese citizens is but a proof that the ICC has lost its legal characteristic and has become just a tool to topple the regime in Sudan.

Ocampo is mistaken if he thinks that the new indicted list whom he asked to hand themselves will cover his dirty actions and moral scandals.

It is the stupidity of Ocampo that is behind his blind obedience to adopt the hostile countries to achieve its political objectives in the country, after that hostile parties failed to achieve it through the sanctions, embargo, boycotting and pressure on Khartoum.

Ocampo and those who are behind him must know that the Sudanese people will never kneel to such pressures.

Sudan will never accept to be another Somalia, or Iraq, or Afghanistan.

The Sudanese nation is known for its struggle and will never accept for its affairs to be run by the remote control from the White House or through the Pentagon.

It is a outcry or an enthusiasm but it is the reality of Sudan''s life.

As for Ocampo, he must clean himself from the filth and stop his cheap moves.

Failing the ICC mission, Ocampo should resign.

The Sudanese leadership and the Sudanese people said its word that no Sudanese citizen will be handed to the ICC, being a governor or a rebel, for trial outside the country.

Speaker of Assembly warns of risks of ICC's allegations on peace process in Sudan


Speaker of the National Assembly, Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir, received Sunday the special envoy of the African Union for Sudan, Oluyemi Adeniji. The meeting reviewed the progress of the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), the efforts to achieve peace in Darfur as well as the role of the African Union in the peace process in Sudan.

Adeniji affirmed the keenness of the African Union (AU) to encourage the Sudanese in the implementation of the Agreement.

Meanwhile, Al-Tahir highlighted the Assembly''s role in the political process, approving the acts of elections and political parties besides the formation of the Commissions for Elections and Parties, adding that setting the date of the elections would be determined by the elections commission.

He further expressed Sudan''s confidence in the African Union and its role in the peace process in Darfur, warning of the risks posed by the decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on the situations in Darfur.

In this connection, Al-Tahir referred to the political movements of the prosecutor of the ICC as well as his illegal motivations that are contrary to the international charters and norms and the risks they pose on the peace process in Sudan.

Oil Revenues for November 2008 Totaled US$347.79m, US$150.74m for GoSS

Sudan Vision Daily

Oil revenues for November 2008 reached US$347.79 million, out of which GoNU share is US$171.05 million while GoSS share is US$150.74 million. For GoSS share US$101.53 million are oil production revenues and US$49.21 from crude used in local refineries.

Ministry of Finance Undersecretary, Dr. Al-Tayeb Abu Ganaia stated in the joint oil revenue monitoring committee that the directed transfers to GoSS reached US$120.48 in November. He added that the amounts deducted for the benefit of Unity Support Fund reached US$21.22 million.

Abu Ganaia added that the amounts transferred to oil producing states have reached US$9.24 million (3.15m for Unity State, 3.36m for Upper Nile State and 2.73m for South Kordufan State).

As for Abyei area share for the same month is US$4.78 million according to its share in the protocol which amounts to 8%.

For his part, GoSS Ministry of Finance undersecretary, Aggrey Tisa affirmed the accuracy of the accounts and lauded the committee''s transparency in monitoring the oil revenues and the shares.

Investment Conference to be Held Next March

Sudan Vision Daily

Minister of Investment, Prof. George Bureng V. Nyombe, declared the organizing of investment conference next March/April with the participation of States'' Governors, Ministers of Infrastructures and even chiefs and leaders in the local societies.

This came in the press conference held yesterday at the Ministry''s premises.

He pointed out of the huge potentialities in Sudan, human and animal resources and minerals.

The Minister highlighted the situation in Sudan after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement (ESPA) and Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) which led to political stability as one of the attractions of investment in Sudan.

He added that Sudan is a member in several regional and international economic blocs such as COMESA and CAFTA, explaining that there are 450 million consumers to Sudanese products in COMESA, while there are 100 million in CAFTA.

Prof. Bureng explained the strategies of his Ministry to benefit from the huge potentials of Sudan, the willing of using these resources, the serious investors coming to Sudan.

He said the most important is the existence of the following factors: security, physical security to the investors, political stability, land laws, ready services, power, roads, communications and trained labour.

Minister of Investment explained the internal and international threats facing investment in Sudan including the collapse of the CPA, which may affect on the rush of foreign investments to Sudan, pointing to the statistics of investment in the years 2005, 2006 and 2007.

He added that Sudan is the fourth country in Africa in the field of direct investment after Egypt.

The external threats represented in the access of internal market and to identify our products of high quality and value.

The Minister explained also that they work in what is called the investment map for the benefit of the investors.

He added that his policy is to simplify procedures.

Concerning the foreign investment in Sudan as Gulf investment and its distinguished existence in Sudan, the Minister explained that they work to attract more foreign investments with concentration on the Asian countries and the different Sudanese states which are so rich with natural resources.

Bashir case 'may spark attacks'

By Amber Henshaw
BBC News, Khartoum

Foreigners in Sudan could be targeted by "outlaws" if the International Criminal Court pursues a case against Sudan's president, a top official says.

The ICC is widely expected to issue an arrest warrant for President Omar al-Bashir on charges that he masterminded a genocide in Darfur.

It is the most specific warning yet that foreigners could bear the brunt of public anger if a warrant is issued.

Diplomatic efforts by Khartoum to get the case deferred have so far failed.

Speaking to local journalists in Khartoum, the head of Sudan's National Security and Intelligence Service, Salah Gosh, said they could not predict the reactions of "outlaws" who could target foreigners in the wake of a decision by the ICC.


According to state media, Mr Gosh accused the ICC chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo of being a political activist and said the court's decision would be political not legal.

Mr Ocampo called for an arrest warrant to be issued against President Bashir in July, accusing him of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity for alleged atrocities committed in the Darfur region.

The ICC judges are expected to make a decision about the arrest warrant by the end of the month.

Over the last few days, senior government officials have stepped up their criticisms of Britain, America and France, who they accuse of conspiring against Sudan and manipulating the ICC.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2009/01/11 15:01:37 GMT

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