Thursday, August 25, 2011

Canadian Killed During NATO-backed Invasion of Libyan Capital

Canadian Killed in Libyan Invasion

Tricia Flatley - Todd Kaufman

A Canadian has been killed during a rebel assault on leader Moammar Gadhafi's compound in Libya.

According to the Herald, 24 year old Ben Raween was shot in the head by snipers while attacking the compound on Tuesday.

He is the first Canadian to die during the uprising.

Raween, of Libyan descent was born in Edmonton while his father was studying there then moved to Scotland, earned a computer science degree in Tripoli then moved to Ottawa.

Friends of Raween's in Ottawa were reportedly the first to learn of his death in Canada.

Raween left his job at an Ottawa computer company in March then traveled to the rebels' capital of Benghazi where he received weapons training but stayed in touch with his friends back home using social media.

Meanwhile, scattered battles continue in Libya, a day after the rebels overran Gadhafi's compound.

American officials say there's no evidence to suggest Gadhafi has left Libya.

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