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Libya News Update: CIA-backed Rebels Trapped, Surrounded in Tripoli

Latest Updates From Inside Tripoli - August 25

Posted: 2011/08/25
From: Mathaba

NATO rebels trapped in city, most of country still under Jamahiriya government

NATO mercenaries and terrorist rebels are trapped in the center of Tripoli, surrounded by loyalist forces.

U.S. is apparently ordering the killing of independent journalists in Libya, fearful of the accurate and truthful reports they are sending, unlike the compromised news networks such as CNN (CIA), BBC (MI6), Jazeera (Qatar Emir), Al-Arabiya (Saudi owned).

With the Internet and communications cut off by NATO, they were able to tell many lies and entire TV news bulletin fabrications. Now that communications are being restored, the truth is starting to emerge again, and it is not pretty for NATO.

It had already been promised at the outset of the war on Libya by NATO that (1) they would not succeed in killing Muammar Qaddafi and (2) that they would not succeed in overthrowing the Jamahiriya because it is people's power and (3) that it would be a long war.

At the outset of the invasion of Tripoli it had also been promised that (1) the "rats would enter a trap" and (2) that within a few days the foreign mercenaries would be defeated, even massacred in Tripoli.

As we can see today the truth is as we had advised, after all, we have the intelligence and facts and NATO does not. NATO only has a plan and a mission to plunder African resources, by hook or crook, as desperately bankrupt thieves.

As to the rebels, they are misguided, do not know that this is the Night of Power, that Allah is not with them but with the believers, who do not seek help from anyone other than Allah, and certainly not by force of arms, looting, robbery, and destruction.

The Brother Leader of the Revolutionary Committees Movement, Muammar Qaddafi, gave a speech today (English rough summary):

Leader's speech

We are fighting... march, our tribes ... march toward Tripoli, keep heading toward Tripoli as your grandfathers did in the Battles ... here is the battle again, the same battles as your fathers had, come men and women to clean Tripoli this time.

Every street and area in Tripoli should fight and never surrender, the enemy will be defeated, NATO will be defeated by Allah's will, and the tribes which are outside of Tripoli should march to Tripoli and control the area too.

Imams, tell people to go on Jihad at the front lines, this is the hour for martyrdom or victory, advance everywhere, NATO will withdraw, NATO cannot continuous forever, to hell with NATO, those who rape your girls in your houses....

Don't give in to colonization, march on Tripoli to those rats, kill them! You marched with millions before, now march with millions again but this time for fighting, don't be afraid of bombing, of stun grenades, don't hand over Tripoli!

Tribes will march from everywhere, take control of all mosques, rooftops, institutions, shops and fight from them, there will never be a secure place for those rats!

People are fighting everywhere, we are the vast majority! The tribes and people should march to Tripoli to protect it, women are fighting in the streets, we will never allow for our land to be for France, nor for Italy, we will never be a colony again, fight them!

Libya is for you, Tripoli is for you not for those agents who beg to NATO, those are agents not from Tripoli, those aren't sons of Tripoli!

Men and women, go out, fight them, follow them, masses march now, from everywhere to Tripoli! Go ahead! Go ahead!

Foreign reporters including Greece's Panos Haritos, have confirmed that Tripoli is not under rebel control, that people are fighting for Qaddafi, and that Green Square too is not under rebel control.

The journalists, reporting from the Corinthia Hotel where they have a good view of the city, have confirmed that Green Square is controlled by Qaddafi loyalists.

The green masses also have control in all the areas of east and central Tripoli and also half of west Tripoli.

Also the terrorist rebels don't control Tripoli airport they use the highway to land small planes for their supplies. This was shown live on TV, with a broadcast failed to be cut off by NATO.

The mercenaries on the perimeter of the Corinthian Hotel and trying to enter Green Square, but the green masses are steadfast in all of Tripoli except Gergaresh and some areas in the west.

NATO-supported rebels entered a hospital and killed all the patients thus committing yet another heinous crime.

Tripoli City Center Not Under Rebel Control

Posted: 2011/08/25
From: Mathaba

Photographs coming out of the Corinthia Hotel show that rebels have barricaded themselves in luxury hotel grounds and are surrounded, unable to control even the city center by the NATO-controlled sea.

As the Internet has bounced back for the moment after some days off-line, a picture very far removed from what NATO and world media would like to claim, is emerging.

Even the city center directly on the coastal waters, is not under NATO rebel control, as evidenced by their being besieged and cowering behind erected cement blocks at the Corinthia Hotel.

The rebels, according to a source within NATO that spoke on condition of anonymity, are using the hotel as a base to fire upon the popular masses defending their country from the NATO-led invasion.

The Rixos Hotel had previously been considered safe from NATO bombing and had thus housed the foreign journalists as well as some western intelligence agents operating under the guise of CNN and the BBC.

After foreign mercenaries landed in Tripoli and aerial bombardment pushed a way forward for the rebels, the Rixos was used even at one point by government officials as a refuge from bombing, and the journalists there were prevented from leaving due to fights around the hotel for control of the area as well as sniper fire.

A Red Cross convoy had then arrived during a lull and rescued the journalists and moved them to the Corinthia Hotel by the sea yesterday, also in central Tripoli, with the aim of evacuating the foreigners by sea to Malta today.

However, the journalists and other foreigners are now yet again holed up, due to the rebels facing stiff resistance, using the hotel as a shelter and base, perhaps also hoping to flee to Malta to escape their fate in a hell fire they had not expected.

For an idea of what Tripoli is like, think of Adelaide in South Australia, a city by the sea, of just under 2 million people.

The only explanation of the inability of the rebels to take over Tripoli, is the armed population, and the popularity of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi as well as his family who are leading the resistance.

The Corinthia Hotel is now a hide out for the rebels who are now surrounded, after they had entered Tripoli looting and harassing along the way, supported by NATO which took down communications and all TV stations.

NATO's Operation Mermaid, which was to take Tripoli by landing the mercenaries that had been trained and prepared in the UAE with a full mock-up of central Tripoli is a clear failure.

The replica of Tripoli in Qatar was also used to spread fake media reports on Jazeera, CNN and the BBC world wide.

The Qaddafi family, along with the Libyan citizens and defence forces, still control much of the city and have encircled the rebels and killed, according to government sources, over a thousand mercenaries.

It is evident that NATO does not control anything but the sea and are unable to even protect any ship to dock in Tripoli port, to evacuate foreigners.

A rebel source told Mathaba that they had not expected resistance from the population, as they had been living outside Libya and thought that Qaddafi was a tyrant and unpopular.

However, the Libyan leader rose in popularity after the NATO-led aggression against Libya, that was meant to assassinate him and over throw the popular government, failed to achieve any results with the expected 2-day operation now approaching 6 months.

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