Monday, August 29, 2011

United Nations or United League of Hell

United Nations or United League of Hell

Posted: 2011/08/28
From: Mathaba

Formerly League of Nations

The time has arrived where we must understand the realities of the dark forces amongst us. When we look into our past we can clearly see that the dark forces have been operating as the ruling elite throughout modern times. All material wealth that has been created, has been borne by the blood and sweat of the masses.

The criminal element which exists today can only survive by manipulating the nature of the events as they unfold. All western influences thrive on human misery so that only a few can live in a materialistic life. Their goals are psychopathic as they have no conscience in their actions towards all life on this planet.

We as a collective have a right to live in peace, prosperity, love and to evolve into better humans as the creator has granted each and everyone of us.

The evidence is clear on this issue during this campaign by NATO in Libya. With this deliberate attempt to rape, pillage and destroy this country is irrefutable. The reality that we live in is a total illusion that makes sense in so far as exposing the fraud of the international community. All sources of truth journalism has shown the catastrophic consequences of belonging to this manipulated consortium.

The Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya is a true beginning for a new way of life. The dark forces that surround us have sold their souls to the master of hell.

Their intent is to only be surrounded by a materialistic world so as they can only survive at the suffering of the souls from the light. In this way we as people from all faiths can never flourish and live in peace. The international community doesn’t exist nor do the terms that they inflict upon us. In fact they should be addressed as the force from the United League of Hell.

This occurring event taking place in Libya is a time of great significance to all the people of the world. It is a new age to start a new beginning, where we must be strong, wise and loyal to the advancement of social justice. The old has only developed new methods of control and destruction without any moral obligations to our creator.

Until now the ruling class has been those who have pilfered and plundered the entire earth.

Now is not the time to be angry but a time where your inner strengths must take over and to stop this once and for all. The battle in Libya is the new age of times, the dark forces must be shunned and never to have any influences at any place at any time. We must conduct ourselves so that we only work together.

All dealings should be put in place where these dark souls cannot enter or be privileged to. It is imperative that we only work with like-minded people and countries that follow the same path.

The pain that is being inflicted is unbearable. I urge everyone to stand up and turn your backs on these evil entities that have caused so much suffering in the name of GREED.

Open your eyes and see the truth; believe that what is in you and not what is with out you is the only path to follow. Life is truly beautiful and only those from the light can make that change, be part of it, start now.

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