Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Declaration of Solidarity: The Struggle For a Free Libya Continues

Declaration of Solidarity: The struggle for a Free Libya continues

Posted: 2011/11/22
From: Mathaba

The legal Libyan Jamahiriya leadership is deeply ingrained in the people, because the people are the legal leadership themselves.

By Deutsch-Libysche Solidaritaet

During these times of difficulties and distress, our thoughts go out to the Libyan people and their legitimate Jamahiriya Government. Over the last three months, the vast majority of the Libyans have shown their strong commitment to the Jamahiriya, on the streets and squares as well as in their fight on the ground.

Tens of thousands who sealed their faith with blood became part of the martyrs of their country and will be remembered forever for their desire for freedom, their loyalty and sense of duty which has been bigger than their fear for death. They are, thus, in a row, shoulder to shoulder, with their brave ancestors.

The legal Libyan Jamahiriya leadership is deeply ingrained in the people because the people are the legal leadership themselves. Libya is a State of the Masses and will remain a State of the Masses, albeit part of it now has to deal with foreign intervention and imperialist violence. The Green Resistance fighters who have been martyred were fighting side by side with their leaders on the ground; they were united in life and death.

Their sacrifice is already legendary and will be honoured and remembered forever in the history books of Libya. Those many months of dealing with and withstanding the best armed military aggressors in the world, even under the harsh circumstances of the desert, earned them everlasting glory.

The forms of terrorism are changing now. Naked violence and mass murder will turn into cold economic exploitation and attempts to destroy the concept of the Jamahiriya Government. It is the duty of the Green Resistance fighters to continue their struggle, to break the strength of the foreign mercenaries and occupiers including their agents, bankers and other puppets. During their struggle we, the Faithful and Popular Socialist Opposition in Germany, will support them and will always be their loyal allies.

The struggle for a Free Libya continues! Comradely greetings to the Libyan Resistance. Long live the Jamahirya!


Klaus Blessing, Economics Department of the Central Committee of the SED (German Socialist Unity Party);

Wolfgang Bux, former leading figure of the German Democratic Republic;

Dr. Angelika Bator and Dr. Wolfgang Bator, Ambassadors to Tripoli till 1989;

Helmut Müller, Member of the Central Committee of the SED and former second Secretary of the SED district leadership Berlin;

Michael Koth, anti-imperialist platform Berlin.

The original text in German language can be read here.

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