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Libya Under US, NATO-led Occupation: Lizzie Phelan Interviews the Son of Dr. Abuzaid Dorda

Lizzie Phelan interviews the son of Dr. Abuzaid Dorda

Posted: 2011/11/13
From: Mathaba

To watch this interview just click on the website below:

The ignorance of the world concerning what has happened in Libya is astounding, the news media have started the war by spreading false information, kept the war going by continuing the lies, and failed to prevent the killing of more than 100,000 people and the torture of many more, by remaining silent. Read this, share it, get active, and help to save lives.

Independent journalist Lizzie Phelan who has been covering the Libyan crisis since it began interviews Mr. Hamid Dorda, who's father Dr. Abuzaid Dorda, senior member of the Libyan Jamahiriya government and once permanent envoy to the United Nations, has been detained in very brutal circumstances by the rebels' National Transitional Council (NTC).

On November 14 there will be a decision made by the NTC whether Dr. Dorda would stand trial or not for crimes all Libyans know he hasn't committed, as well as if he should be moved away from the militia that have tried to murder him several times and who are now still guarding him.

In contravention of international law and with human rights organisations and the UN itself turning a blind eye, Dr. Dorda has suffered torture, inhumane and severe mistreatment and numerous attempts on his life since NTC forces detained him on September 11. His health is deteriorating and he remains untreated since October 25 for internal bleeding and broken bones. His family has been refused the right to visit him.

A message by Dr. Abuzaid Dorda's family members spread on Saturday November 12 literally says: "on Monday the council is going to decide what's gonna happen 2 our father and he's been sitting in a hospital bed for 16 days with a broken leg and they are refusing to treat his internal bleeding and cracked hip we are all worried for his health. Also, Dr. Mohammed Zidan, Head of the Fact Finding Commission in Tripoli, is missing captured by the NTC rebels."

On October 26 Dr. Dorda's brother wrote a letter to the United Nations, but Mr. Hamid Dorda says the United Nations didn't respond to that letter.

To help in the campaign to save the life of Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda please send letters, emails, phone calls to the addresses listed at Libya S.O.S. or open and spread this PDF doc.

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