Monday, September 24, 2012

Great News for Jennifer Britt in Detroit

Great News for Jennifer Britt and Eviction Defense

1) Great News

This last Friday, Fannie Mae and Jennifer Britt agreed to a settlement that will keep Jennifer and her family in their home and provide a path to renewed ownership. This is great news for Jennifer, her neighbors in Rosedale Park, and the many supporters whose collective efforts made the difference— rallying in the neighborhood, picketing Flagstar Bank, phoning Fannie Mae, marching to congressional offices, and, finally, sticking with the month-long vigil that defended Jennifer’s home against eviction.

The details are confidential, but the bottom line is that Fannie Mae has agreed to sell the home at an affordable price to Southwest Housing Solutions, which will, in turn, provide Jennifer with a path to ownership.

2) A Final Step: Fundraising

Southwest Housing Solutions will cover the cost of buying the home from Fannie Mae, but we need to raise $6,500 to help Jennifer with the down payment, title insurance, and closing costs. She has already emptied her life savings into keeping her home, and she has inspired us all with her courage and willingness to fight an unjust foreclosure and eviction. It is a positive step for her, her neighbors, and for everyone who opposes the wanton destruction of our neighborhoods by institutions that are “too big to care.”

Grandmont-Rosedale Development Corporation (GRDC) has supported Jennifer’s fight to keep another home from going vacant and blighting the neighborhood. If you can help Jennifer close the deal, please send a tax-deductible contribution to the address below payable to Grandmont-Rosedale Development Corporation. GRDC, a non-profit 501c3, will use the funds to provide Jennifer with a down-payment assistance grant. Please put on the memo line of your check: “down-payment grant for Jennifer Britt.” Any amount you can afford is appreciated.

We need to raise these monies as soon as possible! If you have questions or ideas for helping Jennifer close the deal, reply to this email address.

And join Neighbors United Network for an end-of-summer picnic next Saturday on Belle Isle, Shelter 8, noon to 6pm. Flyer with details attached.

Thanks for your support!

Send your checks to help Jennifer close the deal, payable to GRDC, to:

Friends of Jennifer
P.O. Box 15655
Detroit, Mi. 48215

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