Monday, September 24, 2012

Zambia's First President Hospitalized

Kaunda hospitalised

Monday, 24 September 2012 00:00

LUSAKA — First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda is unwell and has been admitted to the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka. Dr Kaunda is suspected to have been stressed following a busy week and the death of his wife. Dr Kaunda’s Press Aid Sunday Musonda says Dr Kaunda is now being observed by a team of medical doctors.

He says Dr Kaunda has had a restless week after returning from Durban, South Africa where he had gone to receive the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award earlier this week.

Mr Musonda says Dr Kaunda has not rested as he had to rush to Zimbabwe where his wife Betty died on Wednesday.

And Vice President Guy Scott has visited First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

ZNBC’s Effie Mpande reports that Dr Scot who was accompanied by Eastern Province Minister Charles Banda and his Senior Private Secretary Robert Kamalata chatted with Dr Kaunda for about six minutes. Doctors have advised Dr Kaunda to stay in bed for observation.

Dr Kaunda expressed gratitude to the Dr Scot for visiting him.

Dr Scot assured Dr Kaunda that he will be fine. The Vice President observed that Dr Kaunda is stressed following a restless week.

Earlier in the morning, Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda, Minister of Defence Geoffrey Mwamba and Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba visited Dr Kaunda at UTH.

The three cabinet ministers were brief ed about Dr Kaunda’s condition by Health Permanent Secretary Peter Mwaba.

Meanwhile, Muchinga Province Minister Malozo Sichone has advised mourners travelling to Chinsali to attend the burial of Mama Betty Kaunda to consider lodging in Mpika district.

Mr Sichone is concerned that a number of mourners may be stranded because Chinsali has insufficient lodging places.

The Minister says Chinsali district does not have enough lodges and hotels to accommodate all mourners travelling to the area.

Mr Sichone has also advised motorists to carry enough fuel because Chinsali does not have a service station.

— Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation.

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