Monday, March 25, 2013

Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Africans on the Move Radio Broadcast

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March 25, 2013

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Abayomi Azikiwe, Pan-African News Wire Editor, Featured on Africans on the Move Radio Broadcast

Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire, was featured on the Africans on the Move radio program hosted by Lee Robinson of the All-African People's Revolutionary Party (G-C) and the African Awareness Associaiton. Robinson is the host of this blogtalkradio program which airs on a regular basis.

Azikiwe discussed the need for socialism and unity on the African continent. Azikiwe stated that the only real solution was socialism and Pan-Africanism as objectives for the African workers and farmers.

In addition Azikiwe noted the works of Kwame Nkrumah such as "Neo-Colonialism: The Last Phase of Imperialism" and "Class Struggle In Africa" which remain vital tools to gain insight into the plight of African people and solutions to the dominance of imperialism.

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