Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sudan Opposition Groups Are Disintegrating

Sudan Vision News Daily

The Opposition and Disintegration Infection

The epidemic of disintegration has infected almost all the Sudanese political and armed opposition beginning with National Consensus Forces which is planning to freeze the membership of the National Umma Party led by Al Sadiq Al Mahdi . Although no decision has been made yet, the Umma Party party which has been critical of the opposition is not expected to rejoin the alliance.

Regarding the armed movements, Justice and Equality Movement was divided into two: Pro peace faction which is currently negotiating with the government in Doha.

Sudan Liberation Movement-North is living its last days following the breakthrough and agreement reached by Sudan and South Sudan, therefore it will be sold down the river sooner or later.

With the normalization of ties between Khartoum and Juba,the hopes of SLM-N leaders to conquer Khartoum will fade away.

Recklessly and desperately, SLM-N Secretary General Yassir Arman has lately called on the donors to boycott the Doha conference on the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Darfur.

Arman has realized the Sudan Revolutionary Front will die out with the success of the donours conference and the reconstruction of Darfur, restoration of the Sudanese-South Sudanese ties and formation of the demilitarized zone.

SLM-N is melting away while the hardline South Sudanese army officers who obstructed settlement of the disputed Abyei have been relieved following their suspicious moves against President Salva Kiir.

Amid the current change, SLM-N can negotiate with the government if it proves that it nothing to do with South Sudan. But if it exploits the current situation and resorts to gun, it will be of no use and just media ploy.

The atmosphere is no longer conducive to armed operation, therefore, both political and and armed opposition will be paralyzed with no way out except to negotiate the government over the differences.

It is important note that South Sudan is keen to maintain balanced relations with Sudan after it became clear that the ruling movement is vulnerable to dramatic revolt or overthrow ant any time.

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