Sunday, March 24, 2013

US-backed Somalia and Ethiopian Troops Attack Gedo

Somalia: The Federal Government Troops and Ethiopian Troops Attack Shabab Bases in Gedo


Mogadishu ( ) A fierce battle between Somali government troops helped by their Ethiopian counterparts against Alshabab milia started in different parts of Gedo.

The government troops and the Ethiopian army started there journey from Garbaharey a town in Gedo region.They started their mission at a palace called Birta deer a small town 18 kilometers south of Garbaharey.

Officials from the government contacted Shabelle media informed us that this town was in the hands of Alshabab before the battle started.

Abdi barre Abdi an official from the Government informed Shabele that they have taken over Strategic places from the militia and they will continue to fight out Alshabab from the region.

The official informed the media that there have been casualties of three government troops injured and praised that an equivalent or more have been done to the militia.

He added that they will continue their fight against the group and are now heading towards other towns that are Alshabab strongholds in the region.

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