Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Zimbabweans Rally Behind President Mugabe

UMD rallies behind President Mugabe

July 31, 2013
Herald Reporter

THE United Movement for Democracy has urged their supporters to vote for President Mugabe in today’s harmonised elections.

Speaking during a press conference in Harare on Monday, UMD spokesperson Mr Tafirenyika Chipato said their party had been instructed by their President Mr Mutumwa Mawere.

He said their party had a fallout with MDC-T policies which are against the development of the poor.

“Our President Mr Mutumwa Mawere directed us to urge all our supporters so that they vote for President Mugabe. We held a meeting including members from the country’s 10 provinces and we urge all supporters to vote for Zanu-PF on election day.

“Our policies and those of Zanu-PF are almost the same it’s just implementation which differs. Mr Mawere is one of the pioneers of indigenisation and supporting it is in the interest of the people. We are benefiting from loans and empowerment programmes facilitated by Zanu-PF,” he said.

Mr Chipato said the Government of national unity was not doing enough mainly because of insincerity from the MDC-T.

This comes after Mr Mawere denied that he had formed the United Movement for Democracy and said he harboured no presidential ambitions for Zimbabwe.

He hailed President Mugabe for his wisdom and experience as a leader.

Aliens throw weight behind Zanu-PF

July 31, 2013
Herald Reporter

Aliens who registered as voters following the consummation of the new Constitution have thrown their weight behind President Mugabe and Zanu-PF in today’s harmonised elections.The Zimbabwe-Malawi-Mozambique-Zambia Association which has a million members, said 200 000 of them had registered as voters.

Its president, Cde Right Banda, on Monday said it would be an insult to their forefathers if they supported any other political formation other than Zanu-PF.

“Our fathers and mothers were exploited by the Smith regime,” he said. “As we are all aware, we were the backbone of the labour force for this country and our parents worked on farms. It will be an insult to the legacy of this country for MDC-T, a mere brainchild of the colonial regime that oppressed and exploited our parents, to suggest that they are responsible for our empowerment.

“That is a mockery of the liberation struggle that was fought even by the parents of this blasphemous MDC-T crew, which purports to be representing our people,” he said.

He said through Zanu-PF’s empowerment initiatives, they received education and were proud owners of land in Zimbabwe. He said Zanu-PF had also allowed them to contest for parliamentary seats in tomorrow’s elections.

“We have intensified our efforts to mobilise our members in support of Zanu-PF in the elections and we unreservedly believe that only Zanu-PF was instrumental in addressing the imbalances from the colonial regime.”

The association was founded in 1990 and it is represented in Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces.

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